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Brooklyn Nets, la vicenda Kyrie Irving: Possibili anche decisioni clamorose?

Brooklyn Nets, Keri Irving Case: Is It Possible To Also Make Exciting Decisions?

The Kyrie Irving issue is growing more and more in the Brooklyn Nets, and to be honest throughout the NBA. Will the player be vaccinated? And if not, do exciting decisions come from the franchise? One thing is for sure, the front office will do nothing to accommodate the player’s situation.

diabolical plan

But let’s go in order. The Rolling Stones revealed last month how Kyrie Irving is closely following conspiracy theories, including one that sees the Moderna vaccine as the basis of a diabolical plan to connect the African American population to a central computer.

The magazine notes that Irving isn’t the only one in the NBA to be drawn to this theory, nor does he report any statements from the player.

No media day

Basic fact. In New York, you cannot participate in indoor events unless you have been vaccinated. For this reason, Kyrie Irving left Media Day for the Brooklyn Nets in late September, while joining the team at San Diego training camp.

I’m double

But as pre-season gets underway, doubts grow, and it turns out strong at night via ESPN.

So far, it’s not clear if Kyrie Irving intends to complete the grafting process, and there aren’t any official positions in the franchise. But according to ESPN, the front office will do nothing to accommodate the player’s situation.

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In fact, Steve Nash will continue to train in New York, and without vaccination, Keri Irving would not be able to participate. For him, for each absentee game, a fine of $380,000 is expected, and that same privilege could lead to exciting decisions.

To give an idea of ​​the situation, Irving may not be able to train for ten days with the team this pre-season, while between November and December the Nets will have a 26-day stint in the city.