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Super Sonego is not enough, Tsitsipas wins in Cincinnati

Super Lorenzo Sonego is not enough: Stefano Tsitsipas wins a three-set battle in Cincinnati with a score of 57 63 64. The Torino player still holds his head high after a great performance with the world number 3. This is the second defeat in the most number of challenges between the two, with the only defeat leading up to the third round of the 2021 Miami master1000.

the match

Two and a half hours of struggle: this is how the match between Lorenzo Sonego and Stefanos Tsitsipas can be summed up. The Turin player managed to put the third seed in the world with great difficulty, but it was not enough: the Greek player advances to the quarter-finals.

Throughout the first set of the match, there is a great balance: two chances break On both sides, but there is a full draw until the eleventh inning. At that moment, Lorenzo used one of the two balls break Tsitsipas awarded him and took the first set while keeping serve at 15 in the next round of serve. It’s 75 in favor of blue.

At the beginning of the second group Songo Will have the opportunity to claw decisive. to the first Game Greek fell 0-40, but managed to cancel the three opportunities break. In the next turn, there is a moment of decline for the Italian (fatal for group purposes). Lorenzo loses serve in the lone ball break Granted that is enough for partial delivery to Tsitsipas With a score of 63.

The third group opens like the previous one: Sonego is in trouble and immediately gives up his service. He doesn’t lose heart anyway, he fights to the end (eliminates six balls for a second break), but he never managed to be dangerous in Game response. The group closes to 64 and the game moves to number 2 from sowing.

In any case, the encouraging performance of Lorenzo, who will present himself at the US Open with very positive vibes has earned in Cincinnati.

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