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Sugar in the gas tank, because so many people do: you'll never believe it

Sugar in the gas tank, because so many people do: you’ll never believe it

Oddly enough to find sugar in your car’s fuel tank, it’s not that rare. But be careful because this simple gesture can seriously damage the car.

Sugar in the tank – Motori.News

That is why, in fact, many people use the drunken trick in a vile way, that is, to damage an acquaintance’s car in order to take revenge.

Putting sugar in the tank will have serious consequences for our car

It doesn’t matter if this gesture is made in the form of a simple joke or a real intention to damage the car, This practice puts pressure on your fuel tank and that’s why it should never be done.

In fact, even a small amount of sugar fed into the feeding system will carry over to the top cylinders. At this point the pills will reach me Pistons until completely blocked As a result, our engine is clogged.

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However, as mentioned, cleaning will not be enough to solve the problem, often, in fact, engine repair will not be possible. However, if sugar is added to the tank, the greatest danger is to vehicles equipped with an internal combustion engine.

The latter, in fact, runs on diesel or gasoline, the fuel which needs to be mixed with air to function. Therefore, through the cylinders, various processes of intake, compression and exhaust are carried out.

Most modern cars warn us of the problem with a warning light

On the other hand, with a localizer, one of these stages can be blocked and we’ll end up with a full drive to change. Usually, in factAll materials that are introduced into the tank settle to the bottom Thus only part is absorbed by the feeding system.

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But, fortunately, it will not be so bad with the latest generation of cars. These are, in fact, equipped with a filter capable of identifying any external substance being introduced into the duct.

Obviously there will be no shortage of warnings from the broker who should show us one Warning light. To solve the problem, in any case, a thorough cleaning of the car will be necessary if we do not want to face more unpleasant consequences.

Sugar in the engine – Motori.News

The situation will be even more dangerous for owners of cars with an old engine. As mentioned earlier, in fact, the danger here is that the sugar gets into the cylinders and thus impairs their function.

Not only that, getting out of this grudge will also be Piston rings, oil seal and the grab the engine. If for older cars a warning signal is sent to the problem, we can’t help with older models but we know something is wrong.

Once this happens, the advice is to stop the engine immediately and stop to minimize damage.