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Can it be combined with a petrol bonus?

An important clarification comes from Inland Revenue regarding the €600 invoice bonus. In fact, the latter can be combined with a petrol bonus of 200 euros. Let’s see together why.

L ‘revenue agency Provide necessary instructions to employers regarding disbursement Bills of exchange 600 euros for its workers in the form of advantages. In particular, the financial department has determined that the remuneration in question is Can be combined with a petrol bonus of €200 Introduced in March of this year from decree Energy.

But let’s see together in detail.

Bill rewards can be combined with petroleum rewards

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The Duplicate assistance decree she has Raised from €258.23 to €600 The limit within which in 2022 it is possible to identify employees along with the so-called marginal benefits Also sums to pay for local utilities.

Employers can freely recognize the voucher or reimburse the household utility costs of water, gas and electricity to their employees up to a maximum of 600 euros per year.

with the Circular no. 35 / E on November 4, 2022, the Revenue Agency has determined that the Petroleum Reward does not fall within the aforementioned limit of €600 which is compatible and may be combined with the Invoice Reward. This means that in total employees can do this Get up to €800 tax-free.

Bonus bills in paychecks: what they are

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The €600 bill bonus is part of the additional benefits, that is, those benefits that are part of Corporate welfare e That companies do not provide employees in the form of money but with Goods and Services.

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Among the tax-exempt company benefits, within 600 euros for 2022 alone, which can be recognized by the employee, and therefore also the amounts granted to the worker for Pay electricity, gas and water bills.

To benefit from the contribution It is not necessary to applyA As it is the company that decides whether to provide it or not, and decides freely for whom to use it.