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Strong solar flare: Part of the Earth at risk of a geomagnetic storm

Strong solar flare: Part of the Earth at risk of a geomagnetic storm

On the surface of the sun that is currently located In the initial stage of a new cycle, observed in the past few hours X1 class explosion, the strongest that was detected during the storm that affected the star in recent days. This phenomenon was captured on video by NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory Already last July He had photographed a glow of similar intensity.

Extreme glare would cause Temporary blackout for shortwave radio On Earth’s sunny side, focus on South America and, according to, cause Coronal mass ejection, a massive outburst of solar particles with a relatively high Kp index, which can reach Earth over the weekend and generate a severe (G4) to severe (G5) geomagnetic storm. For now, Italy will only be marginally involved.

Photo: NASA/SDO and the AIA, EVE, and HMI science teams

X1 class blast, powerful but still inferior to that Registered in 2017 Class X9.3, originating from a sunspot called AR2887, which is currently at the center of the sun and facing the Earth, which in the previous hours had already been responsible for two more moderate, M-class solar flares.

Explosion Violent eruption of matter Which explodes from the photosphere and releases a huge amount of energy, equal to tens of millions of atomic bombs, in the form of electromagnetic radiation.

The torches are labeled with letters Starting with the least severe denoted by the letter “C”, passing through those of class “M”, up to the strongest, of class “X”. The number accompanying the message provides information on the force: “X2 is twice as powerful as X1, X3 is three times more powerful, and so on. Fire rated X10 or higher is of extraordinary intensity“.

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