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Stock markets today, May 20.  Weak Listings After the Fed, Bitcoin regains ground after the crash

Stock markets today, May 20. Weak Listings After the Fed, Bitcoin regains ground after the crash

Milan – European bourses regain momentum in the last leg of the session after temporary weakness, as markets remain focused on risk Economic inflation. Signals from the minutes of the last MPC meeting also contributed to investor anxiety Fed byFor the first time, some board members argued that from subsequent meetings, the US central bank should begin to initiate a discussion about tapering, that is, about the gradual withdrawal of asset purchases. At the same time, Fed members reiterated that the rate increases recorded in recent months should not scare us as the noticeable escalation is “temporary”.

Milan At the end of the day it posted a 0.88% gain, like other Europeans, supported by the good performance of the Wall Street: At the close of trading in the ancient continent, the Dow Jones rose 1% and the Nasdaq index led the rebound by + 1.8%. London Ends with a positive 1%, Frankfurt 1.52% salt e Paris 1.29%. Tim was highlighted in Piazza Affari, after the quarterly accounts released yesterday. Wall Street rallied cautiously at first, after the weekly US unemployment benefits figure, which fell more-than-expected, to 444,000 units.

On the Asian side, indices are falling with the Tokyo That had closed in the morning at -0.19% despite the excellent export figure, which grew by 38% in April compared to a year ago, in the middle of the epidemic, marking the highest rise in 11 years.

In height Encryption From Bitcoin (+ 11.8%) to Ethereum (+ 13.2%), which are still yielding more than 17.3 and 24.8% respectively compared to 7 days ago. Ascendeuro The pound against the dollar, while crude oil (WTI -0.73% to 62.9 euros) is on track, despite the decline in US weekly inventories. Metals are under stress except for gold (+ 0.57% to $ 1.88 an ounce).

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It drops to 116 points Spread Between BTPs and German bonds, the yield on the ten-year bonds fell 1.05% at the end.