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Stellar Blade: According to Digital Foundry, it's pretty good, here are the details on the graphics modes

Stellar Blade: According to Digital Foundry, it's pretty good, here are the details on the graphics modes

Digital Foundry conducted a preliminary analysis of Star blade, based on the demo published a few days ago on the PlayStation Store. Although it is only a small part of the entire adventure, what we saw appears to have happened Technology enthusiasts were favorably impressed.

In the preview art created by Thomas Morgan, praise is given to the work Shift Up has done using the Unreal Engine, which already in the demo delivers some really exciting and impressive Many highly refined items. In particular, the intermission scenes highlight the great attention to character detail. For example, Eve features high-quality skin shaders and highly detailed facial animations, as well as believable light interaction with the skin, hair, eyes, and suit. By the way, the number of lighting points in the scenes is numerous, with particle effects and transparencies that enrich the scenes, to the point that the gameplay sequence almost looks like a computer-animated movie.

It's not just the looks, but the substance, which Digital Foundry pays tribute to Physics Department. For example, Eve's hair moves in a very natural and realistic way even during the craziest scenes and most choreographed movements. Or, again, enemies are beheaded exactly at the point on the body where the protagonist's blade passes through and even objects break and move in a believable manner. It is clearly too early to draw conclusions and it will be necessary to see if the rest of the game will be as well taken care of as the first playable hour of the Stellar Blade demo.

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Graphics modes

Even for them Graphics modes Digital Foundry specifies that it's impossible to make an informed judgment based on the demo, but at least two of the three options suggested by Stellar Blade appear to be valid.

the Balanced mode, active by default, offers a target frame rate of 60 fps and 4K resolution obtained through upscaling starting with a dynamic resolution that averages 1296p. Despite some graphical artifacts and the number of frames per second that can fall short of the set target, which often settles between 50 and 60 frames per second, for Digital Foundry, it is the preset that provides the best compromise between quality and performance, especially for those who They can activate VRR in order to smooth out liquidity fluctuations.

Those aiming for a granite frame rate can opt for it Performance modeoffers a stable 60fps for a starting resolution of 1440p accompanied by a more aggressive upscaling, which inevitably delivers lower image quality than the aforementioned preset.

Finally, the Quality mode It has a native 4K resolution and a frame rate locked at 30fps, which is not the ideal solution in an action game, although the image quality is the best among the suggested presets, despite not offering more features, such as reflections and/or global lighting In ray tracing.

Before we leave you, we remind you that Stellar Blade will be available from April 26 Exclusively for PS5. Recently, Shift Up confirmed that after launch the game will receive new costumes and New Game Plus mode via free updates.