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Patent fund, news in corporate gambit: what is it


A tax deduction rises to 110% for companies on research and development costs for new patents. It is one of the innovations introduced in the Budget Act that is being scrutinized by the Senate committee, which modifies the much-discussed rule of the ordinance by the business world. The “Patent Fund” revolutionized the decree, took trademarks out of the subsidized system, and increased by 110% compared to the previous 90%.

Patent Fund, news in a maneuver on the facilitation of the tax law ordinance: the changes

To date, the “Patent Fund” has referred to an optional system of 50% reduced taxes on income from the use of copyrighted software, industrial patents, trademarks for designs and models, as well as processes, formulas, and information on experience gained in industrial, commercial or Legally Protectable Scientific.

With the tax decree, the concession was abolished and replaced with a 90% discount for research and development costs. A solution that did not satisfy the entrepreneurs who asked the government, through Confindustria, to reintroduce the tax exemption in the previous form, with cross-border support from political forces.

Patent Fund, news in a maneuver on facilitation of the tax law ordinance: 110% deduction from research and development costs

However, the CEO partially corrected the shot (here’s the latest in Maneuvering from taxes to bills), raise 110% discount on direct or indirect business costs of research and development For the purpose of creating copyrighted industrial software, designs and patents. The maxi amendment also eliminates the prohibition against accumulating between the patent fund and the research and development tax credit.

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But they come again Brands are excluded from assets affected by the franchiseProcesses, formulas and information relating to experience gained in industrial, commercial or scientific fields that may be legally protected.

Furthermore, the requirements for those who can benefit from the subsidized system are not modified: residents, business owners, permanent organizations in Italy for residents of countries with which there is a valid double taxation avoidance agreement and with whom the information is exchanged is effective (here we have reduced Re-opening the application for company funds).

In order to access the new system, a non-cancellable and renewable option, valid for five tax periods, must be presented.


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