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VALPADANA's unbreathable air among haze, heat reflections and pollution.  That's when «3B Meteo

VALPADANA’s unbreathable air among haze, heat reflections and pollution. That’s when «3B Meteo

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Another day of fogAnd frost and smog in Valpadana with high concentrations of atmospheric pollutants, above all pm 10 Up to 80/100 micrograms per cubic meter in the strip between Lombardy and Piedmont. It’s a situation determined by moisture stagnation due to poor ventilation and anti vortex system. Another direct result is thermal inversions, a temperature gradient vertically upside down relative to its natural trajectory, It is much cooler in the plains than in the mountains. This is evidenced by the very low values ​​that have been reached as of this morning Minimum at dawn until -5 ° C While slightly above 600-700 m of altitude in the Alps and the Western Prialp Mountains, all values ​​were already positive. fog and frost Some also preferred Atypical snowfall By crystallizing the fog, it happened in the regions of Pavez, Piazentino and Parma.

How long will it last? sIts status is about to open Albeit gradually, Christmas week You will witness a fundamental reversal in the weather, from the fog in the lower layers we will pass to the upper cloud covers and the frost will decrease until it is almost completely gone. Then it will rain as well and that will be the moment when the pollutants and smog drop drastically but that won’t happen before the 24th, 25th, 26th. Then another two or three days but with a little improvement already at the beginning of the week. For all details related to air pollution, please refer to our dedicated page.

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