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“Oggi è un altro giorno”, Serena Bortone ha una “rivale” pronta a soffiarle il posto

Serena Burton in danger? It has a “rival” to the phrase “today is another day”

Face Today is another day It is undoubtedly Serena BurtonWhich managed to attract the attention of the audience at a difficult time, maintained ratings and received many praises. Perhaps the winning formula for the program is its simple and cheerful management style. However, there will be a “living premise” she’d like to take her place: a stray who might put her in trouble after the Memo Remigi affair.

Serena Burton, the future today is another day

Today is another day He was at the center of the hard-to-forget controversy: Remy note case (who also sued Ray) puts the spotlight on the TV lounge he runs Serena Burton. But there is another factor that would cause us to discuss, why, second Dagosbya in the address book Candles LightSomeone will, at the very least Replace the current provider.

Tell Serena Burton that A live conductor that transports seas and mountains (From Policy in production company) to replace him next season. Will he succeed? ‘,” reads the rumor portal of Roberto D’Agostino, who was also elected as the most authoritative by The New York Times. No names are mentioned, of course, and it’s hard to guess. But actually, for Burton, it’s really a complicated period.

“The Rotographer” by Serena Burton: Because the public loves it

The serena burton show Keep ratings in one of the most complex bands, daywhich has always been a challenge for Ray. Today is another day It’s a bit like classic drilling: There is entertainment, there are interviews, current affairs, there is no space for pink chat, but also for political news.

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Certainly, for loyal spectators Changing the picture will be a problem, and it probably wouldn’t be appropriate for Ray to succumb to the substitution. Presented in some way is assuredAnd the a favourAnd the Appreciated: Many are fond of his style as well as the interviews he gave.

Because the case of Memo Remigi can have a negative effect

for Today is another dayMemo Remigi’s case was the first Affairs To highlight the negative spotlight on the TV lounge, whose parents have so far always been at heart stable affectin which we also find Jessica MorlachiAnd the Romina CarisiAnd the Laura FreddyAnd the Massimo Canoletta And the Francesco Obigni. A team that gave the impression of being united, led by Burton, as host and also as a friend.

Fresh, sparkling, always attentive: Burton is a surefire. It is not easy to think of replacing it, Despite the great upheaval caused by Memo Remigi’s gesture: The audience is on the side of the presenter. Despite the great feeling between her and Memo Remigi, she took on the role of Jessica Morlacchi, trying to calm the atmosphere and above all protect her show. In that living room, sitting in an armchair, she made us feel at home, even as she interviewed names of a certain level, Like Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York. possible alternative to it We couldn’t even imagine it.