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Stealing the flag in government starts again.  First round, resident income

Stealing the flag in government starts again. First round, resident income

Yara Nordy via Reuters

Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi speaks with Italian Economy Minister Daniel Franco (pictured) during a joint press conference on September 29, 2021 in Rome, Italy on the government’s new financial goals.

This is well illustrated by the decision not to attend the press conference after the Council of Ministers, as Mario Draghi is no more a type of successful demonstration than the first hour. Green bass in the workplace. But on a lucky day, considering the alarms and fears ahead, the Prime Minister did not expect his ministers to start stealing the flag themselves. In short, there is not even time to celebrate, one of the most subtle steps, though lavish, as most parties have resumed following the logic of the flags. Even the first months of government have not been spared from this fuss, but the debate over citizen income in the CDM is beginning to negatively intensify the movement, because now is the time to choose between the issues that divide the majority.

Since next week’s budget law will come on the Council of Ministers ’schedule, it will determine spending for next year. Citizenship income is already known as tendencies, i.e. an already purchased expense, but 200 million is enough to cover this year’s expenses to provoke debate among ministers. When it comes to the provision of the Tax Ordinance for refund of income for the last two and a half months of this year, the question was raised by Giancarlo Giergetti. The League Minister goes straight down: “It is ridiculous to use the money of those who have worked hard for a similar cause”. Of those who worked because $ 200 million was deducted from emergency income for $ 90 million, a further 30 million were due to retirement from fatigue and heavy work early, while pensions for early workers were still 40 million, while 30 million from the material spent on parental leave.

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The 5 stars, led by Agriculture Minister Stefano Padunelli, are competing in the reconstruction of Gierketti. At the CDM’s conclusion, the movement’s sources said, “As Minister Franco explained, funding for some of the activities used to refinance the 200 million rupees in civic income has been exaggerated, so the move does not affect it in any way.” The selected instrument – the spiral – illustrates the slippery climate already created during the meeting in Palazzo Ciki, and in fact the debate does not end there. In light of the disappointing results in the income and job search, there is a reason to start a reflection, without prejudice.

The CDM risks becoming more of a political debate than a functional debate. That is, it focuses on the validity of the citizen income tool rather than possible technological changes. Drake stopped the discussion and said briefly: “We will talk about it when we discuss the budget law”. There is no indefinite adjournment, because next week will be the time to close the maneuver, and this figure will indicate a particular difficulty for the first, at least possible, because if until now the vaccination campaign, recovery, very little green pass, come to a package with the protection of the national mission, and now the resident income and allocation Issues like 100 are significantly more complicated. The flag-stealing began in Grillino Totem, which, just minutes after the CDM, Giuseppe Conte immediately entered the purely political dimension, addressing Salvini and Georgia Meloni as “abandoning citizenship income.”

The evolution of this first round is uncertain. The budget already has billions to refinance revenue in 2022. But if there are changes in the system, it is clear that the cost will go up or down, as taken now. After all, this round will be played simultaneously in Quota 100, which is a measure for a pension advance that expires at the end of the year. The direction of the Palazzo Ciki here is very significant because it is not thinking of an upgrade, but an intervention on the part of heavy workers to avoid a pure return to the Fornero reform. But the league says it is ready to build barriers to leaving its task force. Then two rounds were held between the league and the 5 stars, who ruled together and at the center of the conflict today recognized the two actions together is another story. Or it may be so. Actors have now turned their scripts from partners to flag rivals. Once they could live together, today they can not. However, there is a general awareness: this time there is a trackie in the Palazzo Siki. The Prime Minister did not want to hear about the flags.

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