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Government crisis, reactions abroad.  In America they guarantee: 'Italy is a close partner'.  Leader of Socialists in EU: 'Worried'

Government crisis, reactions abroad. In America they guarantee: ‘Italy is a close partner’. Leader of Socialists in EU: ‘Worried’

there Government crisis and increasingly concrete perspective a Early voting They are closely followed outside Italian borders as well. There are certainly countries that pay more attention to the evolution of the situation in Rome AmericaOne of the closest associates Mario Draghi In the international field. A spokesperson White HouseAfter the vote of confidence in the Senate, he wanted to emphasize that “Partnership with Italy is strong We will continue to work closely together on a number of priority issues, including and Support for Ukraine “against Russia’s aggression”, noting that he does not want to comment on domestic political issues, but “supports and respects the country’s decisions”.

And there are worrisome tones BrusselsSocialist side, where the Spanish President of the Group of Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament Iratxe Garcia PerezHe expressed “concern To the evolution of the government crisis in Italy “. Go to the attack on other groups of the Euro camera: “I Populists Together Ppe They are responsible for this situation.”

there European CommissionAs is usually the case during events in individual member states, the spokesperson did not want to comment on what was happening in Italy. Eric MamarHe recalled that “President Ursula van der Leyen He has repeatedly emphasized close and constructive cooperation with President Draghi and looks forward to cooperating with the Italian authorities on European priorities and policies.

Reactions from major international media are also coming. The The Washington Post “The Italian government was split between rivalries when the main parties withdrew from the confidence vote. A severe blow to the Chief Minister Mario Draghi has no choice but to resign. According to the American newspaper, at this point “Italy’s future could be very different: the next government is likely to put together a group. Nationalist and centre-right partiesincluding some Eurosceptic and pro-Russian positions. In recent days, some politicians loyal to Draghi have warned that the Italian crisis is playing the game of the Russian president. Vladimir Putin. But it is not known what kind of approach the ruling parties will adopt. Georgia MeloneyWhose Nationalist Party? Brothers of Italy It is the most popular in the country and the only opposition party that has vocally supported Ukraine against Russia.

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to a French newspaper Le MondeThe government is close to implosion After three parties abstained” during the confidence vote in the Senate. “After resigning last week, the Italian prime minister said he was ready to stay in office if the coalition reunited – they write – but Forza Italia, Lega and Movimento 5 Stelle announced today that they will not take part in the confidence vote”.