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You must try this hot drink with spices that will pamper us all autumn

You must try this hot drink with spices that will pamper us all autumn

Herbal teas and hot drinks are known to have returned a little earlier than expected to warm us up during the sudden, turbulent cold. There are many things that in addition to warming the body are able to please the palate. Today we are talking about hot chocolate that we can prepare at home and about another type in particular. Indeed, it is a must to try this hot drink with spices that will pamper us all autumn and that includes the addition of chili.

Already in Chocolat in 2000 starring the impeccable Juliette Binoche, we see the protagonist preparing this incomparable alternative to hot chocolate. In the movie, the drink manages to make an angry lady find smile again, which here begins to open up her inner life. It’s an entirely cinematic way of bringing out the quality of this kind of chocolate which, metaphorically speaking, warms hearts.

chili pepper properties

The Humanitas Research Institute highlights that hot peppers have antibacterial, analgesic, antidiabetic and antitumor properties. Moreover, it will be a source of antioxidants (vitamin A, C, E, manganese and selenium). Furthermore, it contains clotting-promoting molecules (vitamin K) and minerals that would aid in cardiovascular health. Humanitas Institute However, he cautioned that it could also irritate the stomach and exacerbate reflux or gastritis problems. But let’s come to our chili hot chocolate recipe to use in moderation.

You must try this hot drink with spices that will pamper us all autumn

The ingredients for two are:

  • 300 ml of milk
  • 70 g of cocoa powder;
  • 0 g of potato starch or rice flour;
  • 80 grams of dark chocolate
  • 15 g of cornstarch.
  • pinch of chili powder
  • brown sugar or other sweetener.
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Enjoying this kind of delicious chocolate is a pleasure that begins with the preparation. Let’s start by letting the cornstarch and starch dissolve in the cold milk. Mix well and add cocoa powder. At this point, cut the chocolate and add it to the rest of the mixture. Put it on medium heat and mix until you get the consistency you want. We can add hot peppers as we continue to prepare, being careful not to overdo it or else we risk making it too hot. Once the texture is reached, we can serve and decorate with whipped cream, almond flakes and cinnamon. Our candy is ready to give us moments of sweet refreshment.

In order not to abandon the pampering of good sweets in the fall and winter, we can also try some out of the house Different types of ice cream pamper us with a warm hug Which will accompany chat with friends.

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