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Sports and Territory: Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli, Emilia Romagna Pride - Solpanaro

Sports and Territory: Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli, Emilia Romagna Pride – Solpanaro

Modena – Italian pride, the pride of Emilia-Romagna. Extraordinary sports tournaments Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli, One of the Made in Italy icons in the world, also has its roots in our region.

thanks for the Professional team Athletes and not only – those who have contributed their work, preparation and determination to achieve unique results in the history of sailing: from Winning the 2021 Prada Cup Last February in Auckland and the next exciting challenge with the holdersAmerica’s Cup, host New Zealand.

Luna Rossa’s fifth participation in the most important sailing competition in the world.

Nineteen The members of the Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli team were born in Emilia-Romagna, and here in many cases they studied, were trained, had their first experiences in the fields of sailing and sport and maintained a strong relationship with this land. starting from Max Serene, Captain and team manager originally from Rimini e Francesco Longanese Catane Representative in Auckland to the General Manager – sponsor address Contact, from Bagnacavallo (Ravenna County).

Sailors, Therefore, but also Nautical, Mechanic, IT Engineers, Marine ArchitectsAnd the Athletic trainers And a manager in the sports field Who have put their skills and passion at the service of this ancient system and at the same time are very advanced from a technological point of view.

An association with this region was confirmed on Tuesday 25 May in Bologna, during a ceremony during which the region’s president was held Stefano Bonacini He wanted to give them a shield and personally thank them in the name of the entire Emilia-Romagna community.

“I am delighted to be here today with Max Sirena, Francesco Longanesi Cattani and all of Luna Rossa’s Emilia-Romagna team.– He confirmed BonaciniThanks for the unique feelings you gave us, and I am sure that you will continue to give us the future. And thank you for bringing into the world the most authentic spirit of this extraordinary land, a land that loves sport and loves challenges. Capable of combining passion, innovation and great technical competence. In Emilia Romagna we have more than forty schools of sailing, which is a great sport, with full respect to nature and the environment, but also a high-quality marine sector that places great emphasis on research and development, with exports also increasing in the year of the epidemic. Much of Luna Rossa’s talent, material development, increasingly futuristic boat design, was born and raised here, in Emilia-Romagna. Another testament to the professional skills and research infrastructures we have in our region, which are also essential to restart. ”

Before the award ceremony, a meeting was held in the presence of the regional consultant for productive activities Vincenzo Cola, As there was a common desire to reach cooperation between the Emilia-Romagna region and Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli in the field of research innovation, which could include regional companies and research centers – including the Big Data Technopole in Bologna, where, among others, the headquarters of the Center will be determined Data of the European Weather Center and the national agency Italia Meteo – as well as the seat of tourism. Especially in sailing, marine and water sports, with Max Serene What will happen Testimony and Emilia-Romagna ambassador.

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Ponaccini is associated with a tourism advisor, Andrea Corsini: Luna Rossa is a great example that combines the technological, innovative and research capabilities of companies, with a sport such as sailing that is highly skilled and professional and which, as shown by past experiences, has a very strong tradition in our region. Azzurra to Moro di Venezia, where we have always been great heroes. So Emilia-Romagna is confirmed once again as the land of great heroes who also represent a great resource for tourism promotion. The victories and results achieved by Luna Rossa, who is also a staunch nineteen team member from across the region, from Piacenza to Rimini, make us proud. So thank you who brought the best picture of our country and Emilia Romagna into the world. “.

“I am particularly pleased and honored to receive this honor from the Emilia-Romagna region– He said Max SereneThe skipper and the team manager – A source of great pride for the entire team and I do not hide some satisfaction in seeing the contribution that our lands have made to this challenge in terms of skills and professionalism. I hope that these successes will confirm and enhance interest in boat-related activities, in a region like Emilia-Romagna which finds one of the most important factors of its economy at sea. ”

It was Max Serena who recognized President Bonacini Poster of the 36th American Cup Presented by Prada, Signed by all team members.

I am very grateful to President Bonacini for wanting also to acknowledge the contribution made by Emilia Romagna members in the Challenger of Record 36 in organizing the World Cup in America and the Prada Cup, demonstrating the proficiency and great professionalism in each of their respective areas of responsibility, both at sea and on land.“- he added Francesco Longanesi Cattani, General Manager Representative in Auckland – Sponsor Contact.

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The nineteen winners are in Emilia-Romagna

Here are who (and where were born, lived, or lived) the 19 members of the Luna Rossa team that President Bonacini today awarded: Giuseppe Aquafredda (Born in Ravenna and raised in Cervia); Andrea Pazini (Ravenna); Valerio Bertuccioli (Born in Cattolica, resides in Misano Adriatico, Rimini); Vincenzo Brussa (Faenza, Ravenna); Denise Corte (Castelnuovo Monte, lives in Vito, Rey); Michelle Crotty (Reggio Emilia); Francesco Longanese Catane (Panyacavalo, Ravenna); Guido Longi (Lugo, Ravenna); Antonio Martineau (Reggio Emilia); Marco Mercuriali (Born in Cesena, lives in Cesenatico); Umberto Moliniers (Ravenna); Gilberto Nobili (Born in Castelnovo Monti, raised in Vetto, Re); Matteo Olivieri (Born in Vignola and resident in Zocca, Modena); Sarah Pisani (Rimini); Matteo Blazy (Ravenna); Jacobo Blazy Marzuto (Ravenna); Max Serene (Rimini); Antonio Vitesse (Alphonsine, Ravenna); Enrico Voltolini (I grew up in Piacenza).

The Red Moon Prada Pirelli Team

The Luna Rossa team was born in 1997 from meeting an entrepreneur Patrizio Bertelli An Argentine yacht designer German Frears, Who suggested that he take up the challenge in the 30th Copa America in 2000.

The team has since been involved in Five copies of the America’s Cup Equalizing the record for Sir Thomas Lipton and winning Twice The Challenger selection races – Louis Vuitton Cup in 2000 and Prada Cup in 2021 – and competing in the final in 2007 and 2013.

at The final match of the thirty-sixth American Cup Presented by Prada against the Emirati defender, Team New Zealand – a 7 to 3 winner – Luna Rossa, Prada Pirelli, scored The best result of an Italian competitor In America’s Cup history.

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The maritime sector in Emilia-Romagna

A dynamic supply chain focused on Innovation, research and development. Produce High quality boats Either in design or in components. Who can count on one Supply Sub-Network It is expressed in a large number of skills, artisanal disciplines, and trades that include mechanics, engines, electronics, furniture, textiles, artificial intelligence, big data, and compound mathematics.

And the Nautical strip In Emilia-Romagna. An important sector beyond 100 joint stock companies for every 1 billion in turnoverAnd the 250 million euros of added value e 2,200 employees (2019 data). Among these, Verity Spa Based in Rimini, Pioneer in Italy With Tuscany Azimut Binetti.

Export is good With a total value of 597 million euros In 2020, 12.2% of the national total for the sector (Fourth region in Italy). Positive dynamic inThe year of the epidemic, at Growth of 31.7 million EUR in current values ​​(+ 5.6%) compared to 2019.

A more significant result if added to the increase recorded between 2019 and 2018, when regional marine exports grew by about € 138 million (+ 32.2% compared to 2018). Great Britain, the United States and France are the main destination countries.

At the end of 2019, 260 local units were active in Emilia-Romagna, mainly concentrated in provinces Forli Cesena (41.7% of regional workers in the sector), Rimini (21.7%) e Ravenna (17.9%). In terms of exports, the territory of Forli-Cesena ranks first (35.6% of the regional total), followed by Rimini (32.9%) and Ravenna (19.7%), which had strong growth last year. . – newspaper registered with the Modena Out Court. 20/2017