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Oaktree, a permanent presence on site.  presidency?  The odds go up…

Oaktree, a permanent presence on site. presidency? The odds go up…

11 hours at Inter headquarters to get to know the sports area and the coach. Today it will be the turn of Antonello and the corporate area

A long day for Oaktree at Inter headquarters. First the meeting with the sports field, then with coach Simone Inzaghi. Today the US Fund will meet with the Corporate Area led by CEO Alessandro Antonello.

“In the end, the clock says 11.11 hours inside the Viale della Liberazione headquarters which was first discovered yesterday. Oaktree entered the Inter control room at around 9.20am and left just as he was finishing broadcasting the 8pm news on TV. Along with Alejandro Cano. My colleague at The legal side Catherine Ralph and also two other Italian souls of the fund: Roberto Medori from the “Opportunities” area and Carlo Liguori, specialist in the investment sector, went up to the tenth floor where we are the offices of the highest managers and even the room that previously belonged to Zhang remained “untouched.” “As it has been for about a year, since Stephen no longer lives there.”La Gazzetta dello Sport revealed.

“At the moment a more formal location was chosen for the meetings. The morning meeting with the sports area was held in the large meeting room where a light lunch was also taken, and then in the afternoon Simone Inzaghi also came to the piano. Between long listening sessions and conversations with… Managers, time passed until the evening, today, the other exploration will be presented to Alessandro Antonello, and the presentation is expected with the rest of the staff at the headquarters.

“The meetings with the Nerazzurri directors have just begun: the shared proximity to the 10th floor will make the discussion daily. The idea of ​​the Oaktree directors is to be in Viale della Liberazione every week, for at least 2-3 days. For the rest, Tuesday is approaching when the shareholders’ meeting called for will be held.” To him Chang at the exit door of a hotel in the center, “Palazzo Parigi”, and there the new management body will be born with Oaktree directors also like Marotta and Antonello on the board of directors, the next choice will be that of the president: for this role, prices have risen for Carlo Marchetti, a notary from Milan. Appreciated in the city and known among the religions, in the last three years but always in the American Fund, he will also be a member of the new board and, even if the game is open, he could be a step above with a role of guarantee that will not displease the Italian or the Oaktree management.“, adds the newspaper.

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