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"Good match, long tournament. Meriti is like a veteran"

“Good match, long tournament. Meriti is like a veteran”

Juventus coach after the draw with Roma: “I am happy with what the boys did, and you risk losing matches like this”

Max Allegri Try to look at the glass half full after the draw on the ground with Romesecond in a row in the league: “The tournament is long and matches like this also risk losing, we almost gave up and it could have been harmful even on a psychological level – – said the team coach Juventus to me dozen -. We played a good game, were assertive and played well from a technical point of view. We had an extra guy on the left because they were defending on the right, but we probably didn’t use him enough. I’m happy with what the players have done, but Roma are a great team and Jose is good at keeping them in the game.”

Then Allegri spoke of Ibrahim’s goal Based on Upcoming Challenges: “I was hoping it wouldn’t happen, but it did. We defended well for a long time in the corners, but football is like that. Now we have Spezia at home, and it’s a game we won’t play, but win.”

then joke Chat with Mourinho at the end of the race: “Did he tell me they had a lot of luck in the first half? Jose is always nice and very clear in analyzing matches, surely they were lucky, but if you play that way and you don’t close you risk giving up in a ring and so it was…”.

What was Juventus missing then? “We had to press more on the passes from the left, especially when Milek and McKinney came in, they are jumpers, naturally we lacked strength. We couldn’t believe that a team controlled the length and width of 90′, we needed maybe keep the ball more and take them out, slow down. A little while we were ahead.”

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Just compliments for Fabio Merettiafter half his ears against Sampdoria: “Let’s leave him alone, I don’t want to compliment him too much, but I can say that he played like a veteran. He knows how to clear the marks and he knows how to play the ball, he always has a top striker. Bravo also Cuadrado, who pivoted from Outside and leaving himself behind Pellegrini, we did some good things in the first half.”

Finally broke the debate about the possibility Play with Vlahovic and Milik: “Two strikers? First of all, it is important to get Chiesa, Pogba and Di Maria back. They are three very important players, they have technique, physicality and tearing ability. They also give me correct changes on the bench. Then 4- 3-3 or The 4-4-2 is all relative, and the important thing is to improve so that we have these players.”

Then at the press conference, He wanted to have his say in the many criticisms he received after tying anchors: “Your criticisms give us strength, because we are building ourselves to win again. We must not confuse the beautiful and the effective. Today the two did not match? The devil invented football. In the three games we played, we risked above all with Sassuolo and we won 3-0.”