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Sony Buys Crunchyroll, Anime Streaming: Billionaire's Official Acquisition -

Sony Buys Crunchyroll, Anime Streaming: Billionaire’s Official Acquisition –

Sony I bought Crunchy Roll For the billionaire, the operation has now been officially confirmed by the company, which is attaching the dedicated anime streaming service to the subsidiary. Funimation, creating an interesting scene for Japanese anime fans.

Crunchyroll was an effective one Competition From Funimation, a Sony company, for several years while under AT&T, but rumors of a potential and exciting acquisition surfaced last October, when the US company began looking for buyers for its anime video streaming service.

Crunchyroll is a well-known anime streaming service

Some details of the agreement had already appeared in December, but then the process was blocked by the US antitrust to assess potential monopoly risks, as often happens during acquisitions of this type. Apparently, the thing finally got the green light, considering that Sony has officially announced it acquired Crunchyroll, annessa a Funimation.

. was acquired $1.175 billionJudging by what was reported in these hours, it is slightly lower than the figure that appeared previously, which was equal to 1.5 billion. Tony Vinceira, Chairman and CEO of Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc.

“With Crunchyroll and Funimation, we want to commit to creating a fileThe ultimate anime experience for fans, while also providing a unique opportunity for our partners, publishers, and creators to continue producing content of great interest to audiences around the world.” With the addition of Crunchyroll, we have an unprecedented opportunity to deliver a previously seen service to animation fans and distribute animation experiences across any platform you want: from cinema to events, from home entertainment to gaming, live streaming and classic TV. “

In short, it seems quite clear that Sony’s intent is to include Crunchyroll and use the platform flow To distribute anime properties to a wider audience, and combine series, intellectual property and those of Funimation to create a massive catalog: “Our goal is to create a unified anime experience on Subscription as soon as possible,” the CEO of Sony Pictures stated clearly.

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