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No fax attacks BBC headquarters: "Shame on you...".  Clashes with the police

No fax attacks BBC headquarters: “Shame on you…”. Clashes with the police

Moments of extreme tension this afternoon a LondonWhere many protesters stormed to protest against the duty of vaccination TV Center BBC, accused of promoting restrictive anti-infective measures and the vaccination campaign in an overly explicit manner, thus providing biased information.

In any case, the building was not one of the sites that was particularly taken advantage of by the British TV presenter, who since 2013 has moved elsewhere, leaving the building for BBC Studioworks To record live ITV programs such as This morning NS free woman And some live shows. the BBC World News It was filmed nearby, while the BBC is now headquartered in Portland Place, in the company’s Broadcasting House.

Clashes with the police

According to reports from daily MailDemonstrators gathered around 1 p.m. today in Shepherds Bush Green. From there the procession to studies BBC StudioworksIt is located in White City, northwest of London. Protest followers may exchange TV Center of the TV station headquarters due to some advertising posters sticking outside the building.

To regulate the movement of the anti-insurance group official voice who repeatedly attacked anti-Covid measures on her Twitter profile, declaring that she is fighting for the restoration of basic rights and freedom. An official voice in his arrows also accused the media of being “the problem“.

in a cry “vshame shame‘, a large group of protesters Arrived to TV CenterTrying to overcome the siege set up by police officers. “You are not providing the correct information!The crowd was screaming. still: “They’re coming for our monster kids!“.

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So moments of extreme tension were recorded in front of the building, with customers trying in every way to keep the crowd in check. much me quarrels between protesters and police. Only the intervention of other policemen who came to the aid of his colleagues allowed calm to be restored. At that time, some protesters went to the radio house to express their direct opposition to the BBC headquarters.

a ‘InvestigationHowever, there are currently no arrests. As per the Daily Mail reports, one of the policemen reported a mild facial injury.


To participate in the event too Corbin piersBrother of the former Labor Party leader. According to reports from Watchman, the man was gushing, shouting:We need to control these bastards“.

Charlene White, co-host of The Loose Women, a program broadcast at the time inside the stormed studio, thanked the police. “I’m not sure what the protesters were hoping to achievecommentedBut all they found was me, Jane, Nadia, and Penny from the “Loose Woman” we were talking about old age“.