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“Sometimes they forget orders, but it’s a magical place.”

“Sometimes they forget orders, but it’s a magical place.”

there com. tiktoker Mayhly Visit Japan And more precisely Tokyo. Through his videos on Tik Tok He told his parents Followers His exciting journey, and in particular, he talked about a very special place: the waiters are just patients who suffer from it Dementia Precisely for this reason, they sometimes forget different commands or commands. The restaurant’s name Wrong orders cafethat is Wrong coffee orders.

Viral video on TikTok

The video for Wrong orders cafe Which Mayhly Posted on his profile Tik TokIt spread in a short time, and the views reaching nearly two million prove that. The peculiarity of this place is that it is only dining room staff the elderly affected Dementia. Therefore, it may happen that the dish never reaches its destination, or that the dish that was not ordered replaces the dish that the customer chose, or that the grandfather comes back several times to ask about the food order.

there com. tiktoker He explained: “This is a safe space for patients suffering from Dementia They can interact with new people and feel useful, which is important for slowing down the communication process Dementia, which has no cure. Orders are often forgotten, but this does not bother customers who look at them with admiration. the Japan It is one of the oldest countries in the world Dementia It’s a healthy challenge. Therefore, the state tries to protect patients from suffering Dementia “Out of hospitals and nursing homes and prolonging their productive years with a lot of support and social work.”

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@myhlee In Japan, one of the oldest societies, dementia represents a national health challenge. So they are finding innovative ways to support dementia patients and help them extend their productive years. #tiktokjournalism #japantiktok #Dementia_awareness #green screen video ♬ original sound – myhlee

Dementia in Japan

According to statistical data, JapanThe country is currently facing a rapid aging of the population, and it is expected that by 2060, the percentage of elderly people will reach more than 40%. For this reason, the country is trying to introduce and create new initiatives to keep even those who have a problem active. Dementia.

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