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So they steal your profile

So they steal your profile

There is a new danger to all WhatsApp users. In fact, the new scam risks stealing your profile: How to defend yourself from cyber criminals.

New messaging app risk (via screenshot)

for him The WhatsApp The dangers do not end for users. In fact quite often we can encounter it inside the app Fraudulent cookies-Ready to steal personal data and contacts. Often times, it is precisely for this reason that some of them are easily published on the app False news, Without anyone verifying the source. Now users must defend themselves against a new scam that may steal money from your bank account. With this new deception, I am Internet criminal They will create a file An account with your profile picture.

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At this point, they will start blackmailing other users by claiming that they also stole all of the contacts in the address book. Then these hackers will also ask you for one A small amount of money To recover your profile. Those, in fact, will directly order one Recharge your Postepay, Before disappearing from the app by closing the account or blocking the fraudulent user. We invite everyone to pay attention to these messages, as they are increasingly prevalent within the application.

WhatsApp is in danger: But the app is renewed

WhatsApp trick
News within the messaging app (via screenshot)

Payments will soon be arriving via WhatsApp, which is a real revolution that started with Brazil Ed India. In fact, countries were the first to test the functionality which is now ready for downtime for users around the world. To spread indiscretions, we thought about it “Frequently Asked Questions” section From the official website. Here you can read:The function is implemented in specific countries and on some devicesSo users will soon be able to send money to friends and family and in the future also to businesses.

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The American giant said that soon the job will also land in the rest of the world. In fact, the payments seemed secure and even European users were ready to try the new tool. According to the specialized portal, WABetaInfo, The novelty will also soon be introduced at Spain and Great Britain. So let’s go and see all the news coming to the app.