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“Catcalling? I send them to shit …”. And on Elary Blasey …


Also Greta Scarano He wanted to direct media attention to his remarks on the issue of the alert Aurora Ramazzotti, daughter of Michelle Hunzicker. “It’s not a flattery in and of itself, it’s an obscene and disgusting situation I’ve seen thousands of times. When it happens to me, and it often happens, even when I’m not expecting it, I send it straight to practice a unique evil, sometimes I exaggerate. It’s really annoying!”The actress said on the radio. Scarano which As a young girl who lived for a short time in the United States, he added: “In the more developed countries of our country, it doesn’t happen that the guy in the car shouts at you“ Join ”or draws faces in your face. To men who want courtesy, I say they have to stop the car, get out, go to the girl, keep a safe distance, say “Can I pay tribute to you?” Don’t have this unbearable obscene behavior. Aurora Ramazzotti did well by denouncing this thing.

Greta Scarano talks again about Ilari Blasie

In The Insane, Greta Scarano is back on talking about Ilari Blasie. In the TV series I wish Dee died first She was wearing Mediaset announcer shoes. How did Ilari Blasey become? I studied it poorlyThere was a huge job for me. I’ve always been a little impulsive, I’m someone who throws himself into life and loves to test himself. This dose helped me lose consciousness, but was a little afraid. Especially what others have told me, who kept asking me if I’m really sure I want to do this, He explained. Then again: Ilari made me die. We’ve seen many episodes together. She, too, has been in tension, and seeing herself as an actress doesn’t have to be easy. Then after that she was so happy, and still talking every now and then, she told me she was very happy with the work that I had done. I stipulated choosing the actress who played the role. It brought me very well. It was a great experience. She died of laughing. It’s hard to have a lot of fun on the set. ”

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Greta Scarano commented on Instagram, saying, “I wish Dee died before.”

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