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Smart TV: A new system that may destroy our entertainment

Smart TV: A new system that may destroy our entertainment

yearis not well known in Italy, and is one of my producers Device flow Famous in the United States. The company has recently registered a new one Patented Which can completely upend our idea entertainment If it spreads. It is a system that allows Smart TV To show Advertising Practically always, regardless of the source HDMI In use.

The new strategy will bring Significant increase in revenue Thanks to ads, but at the same time it can also lead to an invasion system flow, Boycott us emptiness And watch content on TV. Manufacturers could see Roku's proposal as a functional system for Monetization Its products, considering the patent as The future of television.

Smart TV: Advertising vs. Entertainment

The process behind this system is completely intuitive. there television Detects that the input signal is paused automatically The ad appears. The problem is that this can happen at any time, whether it's you Playwhether you to watch something. Manufacturers can welcome the patent year for them television In a positive way, seeing it as the perfect tool for upgrading ProfitsUsers will most likely not be happy.

There is a strong risk that Advertising It can be annoying Vision It invades the user's personal space to the point that it is more than just an annoyance. the Parent companies from Control unit And others HDMI deviceThey will also not appreciate the use of their products for display Unsolicited insertions. Roku's strategy vision is inevitably divided. On the one hand we find users who are also ready for this Pay To avoid advertising, on the other hand, we have companies that are willing to do anything to increase profits. The issue of TV advertising has always been controversial, between those who tolerate commercials and those who would rather avoid them literally at all costs—just take paid streaming services as an example. If the Roku idea goes ahead, it's not clear how the entertainment system could evolve.

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