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Sky live broadcasts and postponed TV8 schedules

Sky live broadcasts and postponed TV8 schedules

The seventeenth round of the Formula 1 season will be held at the Austin track in the United States. The technical track is 5513 meters long and consists of 20 curves with a total difference in height of 41 metres.

The track that requires a lot of engine, which rotates counterclockwise and which aptly tests the skills of drivers.

F1, Gp Turchia: I’m the top of the flop

At this moment in the season, when there are six races left to the end of the world championship, it becomes the perfect scenario for the match between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton.

The Dutch Red Bull leads the English championship leader by only six points. The American move will be another very important step in the world championship challenge. The last race, in Turkey, saw the revived Bottas win, indicating how important the role of the second mentors was in the current season’s conclusion.

Here we’ve rounded up five reasons why the US Grand Prix is ​​a race not to be missed.

The American race will be held when evening falls in Europe. Let’s see the timelines so you don’t miss even one of the sentiments on the right track.

F1 today on TV, Austin: Sky and Tv8 times

The United States Grand Prix, round 17 of the World Championships on the Austin track, will be broadcast live on Sky (Sky Sport F1 HD and Sky Sport Uno) and will be postponed unencrypted on Tv8.

Qualifiers are scheduled for 11:00 PM Italian time, while the race will take place at 9:00 PM.

  • Saturday October 23, 11pm US Grand Prix qualifying live on Sky (Sky Sport F1 HD and Sky Sport Uno) and delay at 01.00 on Tv8;
  • Sunday October 24th 9pm US Grand Prix live on Sky (Sky Sport F1 HD and Sky Sport Uno) and on TV8 starting at 11pm.
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Formula 1, the fifth race why see Austin