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In February 2022, the first launch to the moon from the Artemis mission: NASA announcement

In February 2022, the first launch to the moon from the Artemis mission: NASA announcement

NASA has announced that the Orion spacecraft has been mounted on a Space Launch System (SLS) rocket launcher, a major step in man’s return to the Moon. Multiple tests will be conducted in the coming months, and if all goes according to plan, the first unmanned mission around the moon, Artemis 1, will launch in February 2022.

Orion shuttle. credit: NASA

The NASA announce planning to launch a unmanned mission about color a February 2022. It will be the cornerstone of Artemis program, which aims to reman on the moon, but this time to stay there. The goal of the US space agency, in fact, is not just to walk around lunar regulars NS Sample collection, as happened at the time of the first Apollo missions, but also for building real bases above or below the surface. Thanks to them and extract the material on site, like water, in the future we can access more smoothly Mars, which is currently the most ambitious and important goal forHuman space exploration.

As reported by NASA, the Orion spacecraft He is set on top of the giant Space Launch System Missile Launcher (SLS), an essential step in restoring the Moon. Multiple tests will now be performed to ensure all systems are working properly; If so, in February next year, the green light will be given to Artemis 1, the first unmanned mission around the moon for the new space program. The success of this test flight “will pave the way for a future flight test with the crew, before NASA establishes a regular rhythm for more complex missions with astronauts to the Moon under the command of Artemis,” I have announced US agency. According to the roadmap, the first human mission to the Moon (Artemis 2) must be done by 2024, although it is problematic I grew up with spacesuits It can lead to a delay. During this historic return to Earth’s moon, there will be the first Woman landing on the moon and one black person, as defined in the past by NASA.

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Docking of the Orion shuttle with the massive SLS missile from 98 meters, the spiritual heir of Saturn V used in Apollo missionsI also met with great enthusiasm in light of the accumulated delays in exams. said in press release Dr. Mike Bolger, head of the Earth Exploration Systems Program at NASA. “Our team has shown tremendous dedication in preparation for the launch of the Artemis I. While there is still some work to be done to get to the launch, with constant continuous testing and wet-clothing rehearsals, seeing the SLS fully assembled is certainly a pleasure,” Bolger added.

In January the missile will be transferred to launch pad 39 b subordinate Kennedy Space Center for the public rehearsal test, which will be followed by the actual launch the following month. If all goes well, then February 12 This will be the closest and last useful date on the 27th of that month, then you will have to move to March or April in case of problems. Likes specific By Dr. Mike Sarafin, Artemis 1 Mission Director, launch times depend on orbit mechanics The relative position of the Earth relative to the Moon. The mission is expected to last between four and six weeks, according to NASA estimates. Several children will also be released during the Orion capsule flight Satellites.

It will be implemented continuously in the coming months Simulation launch, until we witness the historic launch that will mark the advent of a new golden age of space exploration. The Space Launch System (SLS) is actually designed not only to return humans to the Moon, but also to the Moon red planet and beyond. Meanwhile, the private airlines – especially SpaceX from Elon Musk – continue to work hard for space tourism, laying the foundations for landing on the surface of Mars. If all goes according to plan, it is believed that the first man on the Red Planet could arrive By the thirties, although there are still many doubts about this.

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