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Dimaro Napoli

Introducing a hundred visiting fans, the situation

Today at 6 pm Napoli will take the stadium to Second Seasonal Test, the last thing that will take place in Dimaro. Luciano training Spalletti will cure Perugiafresh from the second division qualifier, for a game that is more challenging on paper than First friendly match against Anonia team of local supremacy, won by Napoli 10-0.

In view of this match, a Hundreds of Perugia fans, who arrived in Val di Sol to support their team. To say this is today’s release on newsstands Corriere dello Sportwhich highlights how a file works The Trento Police Command has activated the radar In light of the potential confrontations, in light of the old rivalry between the two teams.

Moreover, as the newspaper reported, Some of the Digos men also arrived from Naples To manage any cases of general disorders.

The match against Perugia will be broadcast on Facebook Live on the official SSC Napol pageThe.

Other friendly matches scheduled for Napoli

On July 19, Naples will end his stay in Dimaro, and then dedicate himself to it The second part of the resort in Caste di Sangro Starting July 23. In Abruzzo, there will be four tests that Luciano Spalletti’s team will undergo: the first in 27 againstAdana Dimesportthe second in the thirty-first with Mallorcathen 3 for Girona And finally the 6 withEspanol. All matches will be played in 20:30.

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