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Sibo and Nikki Passarella were kidnapped and defrauded in Egypt

Sibo and Nikki Passarella were kidnapped and defrauded in Egypt

Sibu and Nikki Passarella were victims of an unpleasant experience in Egypt: here is what happened in detail!

As we revealed to you a few days ago, Cebu H Nikki PasarellThey left together towardsEgypt They spent a vacation among the pyramids and Egyptian museums. Although they could say they had a great vacation together, the experiences weren't as fun and one of these days they had a really bad time, Exposure to kidnapping and fraud. Unfortunately, this is no joke: here's what happened and what they said in a video Youtube!

The story begins when Sibu and Nikki Passarella were searching for… Uber That he could take them to the museum. After several canceled trips, they manage to find a driver, but that's just the beginning of the terrible experience they will soon have. to'The driver claimed that the destination they requested was completely different and that Uber would not be able to take them to their destination. During the trip, Nikki and Sibu brought the situation to the attention of the driver, who did nothing but start insulting them. “He told us to be ashamed and give him money and speak Arabic.” Cebu comments.

They asked him for approximately 3,000 Egyptian pounds 90 euros, so you can get in and out of the car. Fortunately, Sisbo and Nikki were very good at keeping calm In this case, however, unfortunately, they had to part with some of their money in cash to leave. in the end They gave about 30 euros in cash to the driver and got out of the car, but they remained in central Egypt, without knowing in any way their whereabouts. But all's well that ends well, because despite the fear they manage to return home!

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What do you think about what happened to Nikki and Sibu?

They were very good at managing the situation

[FOTO: YouTube]