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Shower, how much is one hour in the bill? Unprecedented wood for everyone

Increasingly costly bills and energy crises will affect more and more in the fall. Do you know how much a shower costs? The answer is unimaginable.

shower –

it’s a energy crisis Unprecedented and most Italian families do not know how to proceed. Electricity, gas and raw materials are completely out of control and zeros are increasing on bills.

The government offers rewards and aid that they can help for Arrive at the end of the month, but also the behavior of each person helps to significantly save on the bill. If caring for the environmental future is a must, saving in the monthly budget is also an action to take field as soon as possible. Few realize how much a single shower can cost and the answer leaves you speechless.

Energy crisis and waste: What are the most common mistakes?

There are a lot of mistakes that happen at home or in one normal work day. Energy, water, and gas are wasted almost without realizing it and minimal attention would be enough not to happen.

take a shower
Take a bath-

With autumn knocking on the door and there energy crisisSavings and attention are basic rules to follow. In addition to all the measures that will be implemented to contain diversified consumption, every citizen will be able to change habits Take care not to waste (just turn off the water while brushing your teeth or turn off the light when not needed, just to give an example).

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on me National containment plano All applications for resource consumption have been described. Minister Singolani points out how urgently it is necessary to reduce consumption in every possible way.

How much does a shower cost: pay attention to the bills

Within the above plan, there is a part formulated with Enea (National Agency for New Technologies – Energy and Environmental Development) specifically related to consumer’s behaviouroften incorrect.

woman taking a shower
Woman taking a shower –

Bathing is one of the most felt topics, in fact, according to the data that have emerged, lowering the water temperature, time and quantity delivered can result in significant savings.

what does that mean? Enea suggests lowering the water temperature to 3 degrees, with Stay in the bathroom for 5 minutes At most with a water supply only for rinsing and not continuously.

The saving is 35% translated approx €252.23 per year. In short, you save water – energy and money on your bills. Other calculations made confirm the fact that the average family of 4 people should reduce consumption by 15% by trying to reduce the amount water delivery.

with saving 45 cubic meters of gas This translates to approximately €60 in bills, for a total of 593 million cubic meters of gas per year nationwide. So it is enough to open the water just to rinse it quickly, without spending hours in the shower as it appears in the movies.