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A missing girl in Australia, the government offers a million dollars as a reward for those who help find her

A missing girl in Australia, the government offers a million dollars as a reward for those who help find her

“I hope someone will come forward. If the reward will motivate us to help bring Cleo home, we are more than happy to offer it,” the police minister said. Paul Babalia. “We are all praying for a positive outcome. We want to ensure that the police have everything they need to resolve this issue and that is why my government does not hesitate to support them with this reward offer,” the prime minister said. Mark McGowan.

the story – The vacation, which was at the Quobba Blowholes campground, on the famous Coral Cost Coast, turned into a nightmare at 6 a.m. last Saturday, when Cleo’s mother, Ellie, was awakened by her younger sister, Ellie, that the girl was no longer there. She disappeared with his red sleeping bag. The woman and her partner immediately began to look for her everywhere. Not finding it, they got into the car hoping they could locate it more easily, but there was nothing to do. At that point, they called the police and along the coast overlooking the Indian Ocean for miles, a helicopter and several drones began searching for the little girl, who was wearing only a pink suit with yellow and blue designs. Searches continue by sea and land.

former – Cleo’s story immediately came to mind, at least in Europe, the story of the little girl Maddy McCann, the English girl who disappeared while on a family vacation in Portugal in 2007. But for Australia, there is a precedent that can be traced back from long ago, which left an indelible mark on the country. It’s the story of Azaria, a little girl as young as two months old who disappeared during a camping vacation in August 1980. The parents said they saw a dog sneaking into the tent, but the investigation ended in 1982 with the mother’s conviction of killing his daughter and father for aiding and abetting. The whole of Australia followed the highly publicized process with the press mostly biased against parents. But in 1986, the police, after another case, found evidence in the camp that the boy’s father and mother were right, proving that the dingo story was true. The trial was reopened, and they were both acquitted and compensated. And from the story a movie was shot with Meryl Streep, “A Cry in the Dark.”

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