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She forced her dog to go vegan

She forced her dog to go vegan

There is controversy in England over the vegetarian diet that Lewis Hamilton imposed on his dog Roscoe. The 36-year-old British Formula 1 driver is a firm believer in a diet completely free of foods of animal origin and even his dog has had to adapt. The seven-time world champion is likely to end up in court.

It’s no secret that Lewis Hamilton is veganThat is, you eat only foods of vegetable origin: I have also opened a chain of hamburgers in which nothing of animal origin is cooked. But not everyone knows that His dog also has the same eating habitsHe was apparently forced to do so by the 36-year-old Formula 1 driver. The seven-time world champion is one of the world’s most influential vegetarian athletes, and works hard to spread his nutritional belief. Hamilton has not consumed meat products in nearly 5 years, since he watched the “What the Health” documentary.

From that moment on, the English pilot completely changed his diet with his dog Roscoe, which also has a very popular Instagram profile with more than 400 thousand followers. Not only does the Bulldog train with him and keep him at home, but he now follows a vegan diet. Hamilton is so convinced of this lifestyle that he also forces those around him to imitate his way of eating, starting with his physiotherapist and personal assistant Angela Cullen. However, the controversy exploded when the pilot revealed on social media that his dog also follows a vegetarian.

Blue Cross – a charity that provides support to pet owners who cannot afford private veterinary care, helps find homes for unwanted pets, and educates people about animal care responsibilities – Hamilton accused of violating the Animal Welfare ActRoscoe, in the UK since 2006, due to the Roscoe Vegetarian Diet. The lack of meat in the Bulldog’s diet violates this rule and the British Veterinary Association has warned of the legal consequences this could ensue. “If your belief system means you don’t want to eat any animal proteins, that’s okay. But this diet is not intended to meet your pet’s welfare standardsAccording to the president of the association, Daniela dos Santos.

Hamilton takes little risk, given that if a formal complaint is lodged, the British driver will end up in court, exposing himself to a possible fine of 20,000 pounds (about 24,000 euros) but above all Imprisonment of up to 51 weeksNot to mention withdrawing custody of the dog for mistreating him. By comparison, the wild battle with Verstappen for the Formula 1 World Championship is nonsense…