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What are the most anticipated PS4 and PS5 games? – Multiplayer.it


Missing a little bit, is playing condition Sony PlayStation will launch in a few hours and gamers around the world, time zone permitting, will be able to see live news that the Tokyo company has on the PS4 and PS5 store.

We already know that this event will be relatively short, classics 20 minutes Full of ads but won’t include first-party exclusives. This is an offer primarily designed for third party video games. So what can we expect from this state of play?

Currently, Sony has confirmed that one of the games featured in the show will be Little Devil Inside. This game has spoken a lot for itself since the announcement of PlayStation access which happened in an earlier state of Play. Fans knew him before, of course, but on that occasion the general public also had the opportunity to discover the existence of this interesting indie.

The protagonist of Little Devil Inside with a monster in a valley

The little devil is inside It also allows us to understand that, most likely, many of the announcements of this event will be related to many indie games coming to PlayStation. Perhaps we are talking about a select menu, high-quality and quite interesting works, but in any case, you do not tend to reach the large audience that is usually ready to roam on social networks.

So let’s talk directly about AAA which we expect. Sony has said that there will be new information on already known titles: it seems unlikely that at least a number of high-profile works will be among these. The options, in this case, are many and without concrete evidence, they are mostly guesswork based on our desires.

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Many fans are sure hoping that it’s finally time to watch Final Fantasy 16 in action Square Enix He had promised a new announcement during 2021 and hands are ringing more and more loudly: two months before the end of the year, nothing has been shown, much to the chagrin. The role-playing game of the Japanese company will certainly be a great way to open or close the state of play, with the gameplay that finally shows how much movement the combat system does, and above all, gives an idea of ​​the release date, which we hope will not be determined after 2022.

Final fantasy 16 fight scene
Final fantasy 16 fight scene

Staying in the imagination but moving west, Hogwarts Legacy is another great candidate. This new game was announced during State of Play, and it is related to the world Harry Potter He was silent on the radio for a long time. We do not have a clear idea of ​​what kind of game awaits us, but perhaps fans of the Wizarding World have already decided that a purchase is a must. A game like this could easily take up space during the Keighley Game Awards, but it’s not impossible to be there tonight.

Let’s not forget to add Call of Duty Vanguard to those. Activision and Sony have a commercial agreement on the shooter, so it’s plausible that at least a small trailer dedicated to FPS is planned. Always talking about deals, Rockstar and PlayStation have one for GTA 5 and it’s not impossible that some announcements of GTA The Trilogy are included in the terms of the contract: so the trailer for the remaster pack shouldn’t be left out, even if it’s probably not the most interesting content for many.

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There will be new announcements, keep in mind, but as that has been said now we can only guess. What interests us most at the moment is understanding What are your expectations And your wishes for this evening. Tell us, do you think this state of play will surprise you, or do you think it will be just a little respite before more intense events?


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