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Covid, no more tranquilizers: intubated patients are tied up in the family

Covid, no more tranquilizers: intubated patients are tied up in the family

The situation in a Brazilian hospital is tragic: patients should not be given sedatives prior to intubation. They were tied to the family

Rio de Janeiro has the largest number of patients intubated in Brazil due to Covid-19 since the start of the epidemic. Health workers talk about a tragic situation: Sedatives To be given to people who need it Breathing Assist. According to a nurse from Albert Schweitzer Municipal Hospital in Relingo, taken from the online journal G1 Globo, The patients My self Even they will be Related ai BedAnd the conscious, hurt.

Brazil, no more sedatives: emerging COVID-19 patients tied to families

There is a shortage of sedatives in hospitals in Rio de Janeiro, with some health workers reporting that they had to intubate Covid patients while waking up.

A nurse from Albert Schweitzer Hospital in Relingo, in the eastern part of Rio, told G1 that some critically ill Covid patients are intubated awake with their hands tied to the bed due to lack From pharmaceutical.

They are hospitalized in the hospital 118 The patients Coronavirus disease, Of which 40 in intensive care“They are awake, without sedatives, and they are popping up, their hands tied to the bed, and they are begging us not to let them die,” the nurse said. Unknown.

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“ Analgesic-free mechanical ventilation is a fact torture To the patient, “the ICU doctor added Aureo do Carmo Filho.

Covid in Brazil, the death of the First Vice President

at Brazil The situation is tragic: Federal First Vice President.

It is about Joseph Carlos SchiavenatoOne of the complications caused by the Coronavirus. Member of the Progressive Party (PP, governor), he was 66 years old and stayed in hospital for 40 days at the Syrian Lebanese Hospital in Brasilia.

Agent’s wife Marilyn SchiavenatoShe passed away on March 12th, always Coronavirus disease.

According to the House of Representatives, Schiavinato is the first federal representative who has been a victim of Covid-19 when they really are.Three senators have died from the Corona virus: Major Olympio, Arnold de Oliveira and Jose Maranhão.

Brazil, as reported by ANSA, has passed 360 a thousand Victims From Covid since the beginning of the epidemic: 3459 deaths and 73,513 injuries were recorded during the past 24 hours.

The total number of victims increased to 361,884 victims, compared to 13,673,507 confirmed cases.

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