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Scar after 4 surgeries

Scar after 4 surgeries

photo posted by Marc Marquez He is the strongest that can be expressed, on his open account with injuries, falls and repeated surgeries from this unfortunate slip into Jerez Who opened this chapter of his career, very painful and still to be determined today.

Marquez’s scar: 4 operations on the shoulder

Nothing descriptive and in-depth, in the caption accompanying these two photos posted by the Spanish driver – the arch-rival of Valentino Rossi In MotoGP – this season’s absence of ups and downs and comebacks is more than justified by terrible health problems.

In addition to the humerus, unfortunately too Diplopia Which damaged the hero’s vision at a very sensitive stage for his recovery. And also at the level of a psychologist definitely had its effects, as Marquis himself and his brother partly admitted.

Source: ANSA

Announcing the pilot at the press conference

Just a few weeks ago, Marquis At a press conference he admitted the drama he encountered for the moment. Pain has not only affected this season, but de facto The existence and career of the centaur who expressed in these words deep concern, because of his personal plight:

“I’m not having fun. I suffer a lot, I can’t drive the way I want to. My performance is not what I want. I wouldn’t be in such a hurry thinking about getting back on the bike. It’s definitely going to take months to get back into training, so I won’t have to do anything.” Other than preparing myself in the best possible way for the 2023 season. It was not an easy situation, and also because I suffer from race after race and I definitely get injuries. It can’t go on like this,” he admitted to the media.

“In October, the bones were not ready yet and the danger was too high, but at Jerez I already knew I couldn’t keep racing like this. Now it turned out that the bone had been welded together so we called Dr. Sotilo. He and his crew did a 3D analysis of my bones and they realized The rotation is excellent.”

“We decided to stop. Yesterday noon they told me I could have surgery right away and I chose it right away. This operation is for my future, I want to follow this path. There will be many sacrifices, but surely there will be rewards.”

Latest shoulder and diplopia surgery

after this Fourth Intervention on the shoulder Marquis He wanted to show a scar that is still fresh and clear and share this difficulty that has no particular comments or messages to convey other than this athlete’s experience.

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The profession nowadays depends on the health difficulties it faces which still characterize it every day.

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Marc Marquez decided to break the silence about his ordeal with a photo of the scar Source: Instagram