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Sole contro il cancro al seno

Vitamin D benefits.

Sunbathing in moderation with proper precautions can lead to numerous benefits. In particular, it was recently discovered that vitamin D is an effective anti-cancer! Let’s find out more details about this important news…

if it was moderation The password is always left, to expose yourself to it Sun Could be too beneficial effectsThe. In particular, according to a study coordinated by Laura Anderson of Cancer Care Ontario in Toronto (, Canada, and published in the American Journal of Epidemiology, a little sunlight appears to help prevent breast cancer.

to search they were Screened 3101 breast cancer patients and 3471 healthy volunteers: Scientists have calculated how long women spend outdoors from April to October. Those who exposed themselves to sInitial for three hours a day They had Less likely to get cancer: 29% lower in the age group up to 20 years, 36 between 20 and 39, 26 between 40 and 59 and 50 between 60 and 74 years.

Vitamin D benefits.

The sun against breast cancer |  health

According to the researchers, Thanks to Vitamin DIt is an effective anti-cancer. Sunlight has the ability to increase the production of this vitamin in our bodies, and in this way reduce the chances of getting sick. Of course, the skin must be protected during exposureIt should not be kept in the sun for a long time.

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