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Savings in the Bergamo region + 10.6% in one year: the treasury of banks 37.3 billion

Savings in the Bergamo region + 10.6% in one year: the treasury of banks 37.3 billion

Despite the winds of recovery that began to blow in the spring of 2021 (especially thanks to the development of Pnrr’s recovery plan), savers from Bergamo continue to increase their checking accounts at the expense of depreciation and investments even if in March (the latest figure available) indirect deposits also returned with a plus sign. Bank deposits in the first five months of 2021 grew by about 2.5% (from 36.48 billion to 37.37 billion), registering a gradual increase marked always by the plus sign, in contrast to the “richer” Lombard provinces, Milan and Brescia. Indeed, in April (Brescia – 0.42%) and in May (Milan – 0.49%), respectively, there was a slight decrease in the positive trend of bank deposits, which so far has been recorded continuously for several months.

Increase in current accounts

It is a trend that has been confirmed at the national level as evidenced by the survey conducted by the Unimprese Studies Center, which is detailed based on the data of the Bank of Italy: the savings of Italians have almost reached a peak of two thousand billion euros. In the months marked by the Covid emergency, Italians’ reserves increased by more than 110 billion (+6%), from 1.877 billion in April 2020 to 1.988 billion in April 2021. The increase was mainly focused on liquidity recorded in current accounts, with a total balance of 1, 374 billion, up over 153 billion (+12%) in 12 months. Deposits payable also showed a positive balance, moving from 312.4 billion to 317.5 billion, an increase of 5.1 billion (+1.64%). On the other hand, time deposits decreased by 9.2 billion (-4.38%) from 210.1 billion to 200.9 billion. These numbers describe a still-uncertain situation where households and businesses always prefer to keep financial resources, foregoing less liquid forms of savings.

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An examination of the data provided by Bankitalia (available until May 2021) confirms the growth trend in Lombardy, in the twelve months between 5/31/2020 and 5/31/2021, in which bank deposits for families and companies increased by 9.15%, exceeding 455 billion euros. Among the Lombard provinces, the largest increase was recorded in Brescia (+11.53%), which at the end of May totaled 44 billion deposits, followed by Bergamo which exceeded 37 billion (+ 10.6%). Milan has been lagging behind, although in growth, it has seen an increase less than the regional average (+8.47) but with its bank deposits of 239 billion it far outperforms all other deposits. Among the regions of Lombardy, Monza and Cremona also exceeded a 10% increase, albeit by a very small amount.

After the dramatic collapse of indirect deposits (securities and financial instruments in managed and/or managed deposits) recorded last year, when the outbreak of the epidemic generated fear for the future and upset many investment programs for households, the relevant data were the first months of this year to show a recovery Steady also in the investment savings segment. In March 2020, Bergamo families abruptly abandoned financial instruments of indirect deposits, recording -13.02% compared to the same period of the previous year (from 39 billion to 34 billion), which is slightly lower than the regional average that, for indirect deposits. In the same period, it recorded -13.27% (from 457 billion to 403 billion). On the other hand, in March 2021, a new trend appeared towards managed savings with an increase in indirect deposits that reached nearly 41 billion, equivalent to + 15.57%. A leap forward could indicate a renewed confidence in investments well above that of Lombardy (+14.61%).

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