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How much do employees pay?  These are the salaries

How much do employees pay? These are the salaries

There are many citizens working in a large-scale distribution, who manage to keep the family. But how much are giants like Esselunga and Carrefour paying?

Carrefour employees (Instagram screenshot)

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distributor large organized distribution They are among the largest in the sector in Italy and can count on thousands of employees in our country.

long S, for example, was founded in 1958 by Guido Caprotti today it has more than 27,000 employees in the country, with a revenue of 8.4 billion euros. The first Belpaese supermarket, it immediately became a huge success and allowed the Caprotti brothers, owners of 51% of the shares starting in the 1960s, to become millionaires.

There are still many people who want to enter and work in SpA, and at a periodic rate, the company is looking for new employees to implement the workforce.

The same goes for Carrefour, a French chain of supermarkets and hypermarkets but present with several points of sale in Italy, which currently has around 100,000 employees worldwide. This GDO is also in great demand by those who want to get a job in this sector.

Here’s How Much Esselunga and Carrefour Salary: Salary Comparison

But how much does a supermarket employee take? This depends on Function Which clearly covers, even if the salaries are regulated under the national and third trade contract, and starts from about 750 euros for the first-time cashier up to about 2,500 euros for the branch manager.

among all the others professional roles Including, for example, departmental counter agents such as the butcher, fishmonger and gastronome, who earn on average between 1,000 and 1,200 euros, or warehouse workers who earn around 1,300. Our article pays?

There are no exact estimates, but when searching on the Internet you can read that the Italian giant seems to be paying more: 1,000 euros the average salary of a cashier, compared to the 885 euros proposed by Carrefour.

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