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Here’s what you can’t do in August

Here’s what you can’t do in August

In mid-August This is an important body of water for tomorrow’s summer. The special celebration day of the Italian holiday will be characterized by more restrictions on Green Passes, as required by the Ministry of the Interior, but by more restrictive orders issued by local authorities to protect their territories from unauthorized meetings. Mayors and governors have worked to suppress state mandate, as they have already done at Easter, New Year and Christmas.

No fire and no sunrise on the beach in mid-August

Are in the viewfinder BeachesIn the summer, it is easy to create meetings day and night. In fact, although they are large open spaces, they are often attacked for advanced parties and meetings, and are still not allowed to comply with anti-meeting rules today. In fact here, for example, some beaches in March were closed from midnight today until 6am tomorrow. Therefore, one cannot wait for the dawn of August day on the beaches of the Conero Riviera. A tradition for many young people, but was interrupted by the decision of the mayors of Numana and Sirolo to issue orders prohibiting access to the beach, even on municipal beaches.

Stop the processions

In Sicily, police controls will be enforced on beaches, day and evening, in accordance with the order of the banned Nello Musumechi. Fire And fireworks on the beaches, another great Ferocostan tradition. A similar move was approved by the governor of the Lagio region, Nicola Zingaretti, and Vincenzo de Luca of Campania. As a result of this decree, the fireworks display in Poseidon, one of the most beautiful cities in Italy, was canceled. As regular processions and celebrations on August 15 have been canceled in various parts of Italy, expressions of religious tradition will also be affected.

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Landing ban on Aeolian Islands

In addition, mandatory outdoor masks have returned to most tourist sites in Sicily. Avoid MeetingsTourists were banned from landing in the Aeolian Islands on August 15. Also, on the orders of the mayor of Lipari, “In the open air campus of the Aeolian Islands, mini-music concerts can be arranged but without gathering. Participants must show one of the Govt 19 Green Certificates to the managers of bars and pubs“. So, it was ordered.”Use of masks on arrival and departure of hydrofoils and ships and water and buses from 7 to 20.30 in the port areas of Libari, Volcano, Banaria, Stromboli“In Panaria, boats from Sicily and Calabria are barred from landing in the port of San Pietro from today and for 7 days to avoid crowds at the port.

No alcohol in mid-August

Cannot be sold on the Romagna Riviera Alcoholic From Friday evening, August 13 to Monday, August 16, the measure is valid in other coastal areas, where the ban is valid for both adults and children. The decision to avoid promoting meetings on the beach or in city parks. In Rimini, the mayor ordered the closure of all premises over one o’clock in the morning, contrary to the decision adopted in Sardinia, where the exception was extended to 3 o’clock in the morning.