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It is the highest quantity in the world

It is the highest quantity in the world

A genetic study found a high proportion of ancient DNA Homo Denisova In a Filipino ethnic group, the Eta Magbocon. This is the highest amount in the world. This may be evidence that this kind of ancient humans, in ancient times, did just that Crossed with modern man.

According to the researchers, this new group appears to have Override the previous “record holders”, or the people of Papua New Guinea, who have the most DNA of the ancient human species.

Maximilian Larina, a researcher at Uppsala University, said,If we take into account and hide their East Asian ancestry in the Filipino negrit, their Denisovan ancestry can be up to 46 percent greater than that of Australians and Papists.“.

The researchers analyzed more than two Millions of genotypes, referring to the various ethnic groups in the Philippines, which found that the Eta Magpocon possessed The highest level of Denisova pedigree In the world. These finds also allow us to assume that in ancient times, the region of the Philippines was inhabited by ancient species ofHomo Denisova, before the arrival of modern men. Once in the area, however, the two types They started crossing.

Therefore, this study was formed as evidence of the history of this human species that he witnessed Intertwined with modern humans In the Asian regions bordering the Pacific Ocean, where the Denisovans mingled in their islands Inhabitants of the Asian Oceans.

Regarding these conclusions, the researcher said: Matthias Jacobson , assuming that these crosses have changed the diversity Denisovian monuments In the genetic makeup of the Filipino population, stated On the island of Southeast Asia, the Filipino Negrituns later mixed with East Asian immigrants who had few Denisovan ancestors, and who later diluted their ancient ancestors. However, some groups, such as the Aeta Magbocon, mixed sparingly with the newly arrived immigrants. For this reason The Eta Magbokon family has retained most of its ancient inherited traits and is left with the highest level of Denisovan ancestry in the world.“.

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