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Risparmio, 6 suggerimenti per gestire responsabilmente il capitale

Saving, 6 tips for responsibly managing capital

Although we really do our best to accumulate more money in our piggy bank, perhaps by sacrificing a picnic with friends or forgoing a weekend away from home, we often find that commitment is not enough to get satisfactory results, in which case It is very easy to make the mistake of improvising operations, often dangerous, aimed at raising capital.

And although recent research by the mobile phone bank N26 reveals that more than 3 in 10 Italians (35%) would like to keep more money. Reduce unnecessary expenses, the data highlighted by a recent analysis by Standard and Poor’s and the World Bank put us on alert highlighting that the beautiful country’s residents, unfortunately, are 63rd place in the world for financial education.

However, there are specialists who can recommend the best activities to do to raise capital in a responsible and safe manner. about this subject Gianluca Sedotti, financial advisor Executive Director From The Wealth Company Internationale that supports entrepreneurs, freelancers and savers to protect and grow their assets, to give us some clarification: Independent financial advisor Operating in complete independence, it is able to advise its clients on the wisest and most targeted investment options, and to evaluate the most suitable investment solutions for the client’s profile, aiming to meet their needs in terms of both return and risk. In Italy, today, registered in the appropriate department ofRegister of independent financial advisors – Born in 2018 – There are about 300 professionals, such as lawyers and accountants, who are paid exclusively by the client and must not have any connection with banks or brokers, and therefore do not receive advantages in recommending an investment rather than another: CFA Self-employed or independent financial advisor explains to the client What he should do and guide him in choosing the best solution, on demand, and therefore does not sell financial products.”

In fact, the Lack of financial literacy In our country, the main reason a saver would credit his money to any bank branch, without worrying about low – sometimes passive – income and high management costs would be: “For this reason, we decided to develop TraDetector, the financial training and disclosure company with a community of more Of the 700 investors that independently replicate various operations from all over the world by simply managing their money through home banking,” concludes Gianluca Sidoti.

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From setting up an emergency fund to the importance of training before making any kind of investment, in this article you’ll find some expert advice on the first steps to take To increase and protect their capital effectively and responsibly.

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