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Saudi in Maserati: Who wounded Trinidad de Monti

Saudi in Maserati: Who wounded Trinidad de Monti

There are scenes you think you should never see, but the reality is often beyond imagination. Maserati SUV coming down the stairs Trinida de Monti In Rome it is definitely one of these. Surveillance cameras recorded the man’s entire insane entity, perhaps unaware of the fact that he was passing by a UNESCO-protected heritage car, which was also rented out. And was able to locate him through pictures of cameras in the area. This is a 37 year old SaudiAt the Milan Malbensa Airport, the same car was stopped by border police while trying to retrieve it and was rented just a few days ago.

His irresponsible gesture distorted some of the marble steps leading from the Piazza de Spagna, one of the most popular and coveted postcards in Rome, to the church of Trinidad de Monte, and immediately began a complaint of terrible damage. . The Manhunt started immediately, because as soon as the descent was over, the powerful Italian SUV lost its tracks in the neighboring streets. But his discovery was known only at the time, in fact, 48 hours later the Italian police identified him. Reported.

And it is not difficult to find. Detecting that the SUV had arrived late, the police confirmed that it was a rental car and finally asked for the data of the person who had rented the Maserati SUV. At that time, when Milan arrived at Malpensa Airport to return the vehicle, a siege was arranged for the detainee. Shortly afterwards, agents searched the car and found obvious traces of its physical activity. At the time, the Saudis had nothing to do but confirm that he had driven to Maserati that night, descending the steps of Trinità dei Monti, claiming to be willing to accept the cost of damage to the monument. “I did not do it on purpose, wrong. If necessary I pay What is there to pay“, The man left. He met a woman in the car with him at the nightclub a few minutes ago, who did not risk any obstruction by the police.

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