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More Neurological Problems: Study: Corona can damage the soul

Even neurological problems
Study: Corona can damage the soul

People with coronavirus are at higher risk for neurological and psychological problems – scientists have found in a new British study. Later, patients suffer from particularly frequent anxiety and mood disorders. However, the exact reasons for this are not yet clear.

Corona patients are more likely to have neurological or psychological problems than those with other respiratory diseases. A British study in The Lancet Psychiatry found that anxiety disorders or mood swings were 44 percent higher than they were after the flu. “Our results show that brain diseases and mental disorders are more likely to occur after Covid-19 after a fever or other respiratory infection,” said Max Docket, associate professor at Oxford University.

The exact reasons for this are not yet clear. Overall, one-third of the registered patients were diagnosed with a neurological or psychiatric disorder within six months of the Govt 19 diagnosis. British researchers analyzed digital data from more than 236,000 patients, most of whom were treated in the United States.

The most common diagnoses are anxiety disorders in 17 percent and mental disorders in 14 percent of all people analyzed. They suffered from insomnia (5 percent), thrombosis (2.1), and cerebral hemorrhage (0.6). Concerned scientists point to the need for further research to find the exact causes and to prevent and treat the consequences.

Studies that have found a link between neurological diseases and infections have already been conducted in the past. But due to the effects of isolation as a result of locking and isolation, sick leave due to mental illness has risen in some places. In Bavaria, an analysis of data on insured individuals showed that by 2020 people with depression and anxiety were significantly more unemployed than ever before.

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