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Tax: the immediate receipt lottery is an already agreed-upon standard – economy

“This is a rule already written and agreed upon, on which there is no political problem, which would be included in the first useful legislative container that would be simplification: it is an essential measure.” This was stated by the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Finance, Federico Freni, on the sidelines of the League conference “Italy We Want”, in response to what happened to the proposal for the immediate verification of the receipt of the lottery.

Cgia, cashback and receipt lottery were a failure

Cashback and lottery for receipts had to deal a fatal blow to evasion or, at least, drastically reducing omitted bills which, in terms of the total, has an important effect. Both measures, however, were unsuccessful. Or rather, they did not bring the desired results. To say it is the CGIA Studies Office in Mestre. For example, the cashback was “archived” by the Draghi government which suspended its implementation from June 2021. Since no clear causal relationship has emerged between the incentives that cashback provides and reduced tax evasion, and because the cost of the measure, equal to 4.75 billion euros, appears to be higher Much of the possibility of recovery from tax evasion. The voucher lottery, which took effect on February 1 last year, does not seem to have aroused much interest among taxpayers/consumers. According to the data of the Customs and Monopolies Agency, if in March 2021 the monthly receipts associated with the lottery reached the maximum of 25 thousand units, then a continuous contraction occurred; Last fall, the monthly figure fell to just over 5,000. It should be noted that in the year 2020 alone of food and soft drinks, families made monthly purchases of 12 billion euros.

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