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Samsung Tv Plus, the app arrives for free on smartphones and tablets

Samsung Electronics Announced that the smart TV app Samsung Plus TV It will be launched in Galaxy Store e Google Play Store To select Galaxy smartphones and tablets. The app will provide select Galaxy users with instant access to 46 free channels without requiring payment, membership or subscription.

After launching the service on smartphones and tablets in the US, UK and Germany, it’s the turn of Samsung users in Italy. Also launched the new app Samsung O, which allows customers to read breaking news, watch TV and play games for free and instantly.

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“The user and their needs are always at the heart of everything we do. The launch of Samsung TV Plus and Samsung O on smartphones and tablets in Italy will allow us to provide users with additional content, even when they are on the move and respond to every lifestyle. Users can enjoy entertainment flexibly, personalizing their viewing experience with TV Plus, update the latest news, watch various movies and TV series, various music, animation, sports, external channels, lifestyle and entertainment, dedicate themselves to games and in the coming months also instantly listen to podcasts with Samsung O. These applications will ensure users Free access to high-quality content, anytime, at home or on the go.” Christina Sala, Senior Business Development Manager at Italy TV Plus, ESBO.

Cos’è Samsung TV Plus

Samsung Plus TV It’s free and pre-installed on millions of Samsung Smart TVs since 2016 in seven European countries, including Italy.

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The app has millions of monthly active users and billions of minutes are shown per month. This ad-supported video-on-demand service provides customers with instant access to more than 200 channels in Europe covering news, sports, entertainment, movies and more.