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False physiotherapists: They did “abusive” treatments in the gym. Tuned instruments for lasers, technics, and shock waves

Grosto – It is part of a broader campaign, which sees the Carabinieri’s attention to anti-abuse and health units focused on centers that provide medical services; Last but not least, among these are sports clubs, which offer a range of services that go beyond simple physical activity.

It was precisely a gymnasium in Grosseto, the activity of which was examined by the Carabinieri in the regional administrations and the NAS in Livorno: the military discovered here, inside the structure, the presence of electrical medical equipment suitable for curative treatments such as laser, tecar and shock waves. In addition to the devices, the Carabinieri found stamps indicating two people, which reported the qualifications of a physiotherapist and a naturopath.

Subsequent survey activity revealed that the respondents did not actually have university degrees or qualifications that would allow them to qualify in this way, and therefore could not practice medical treatments appropriate to those professional figures. It is proved that the performances that are exercised in the gym are different from those prescribed by doctors.

Then the Carabinieri deferred the two subjects, Italians of class 61 and 64, blamed for crimes against the public administration, to a state of freedom, having previously seized the devices used in the various rehabilitation treatments, located in the offices used by them in the interior of the gymnasium. The crime for which they have to be held accountable is the practice of an abusive profession.

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