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L'Italia può sorridere anche se depressa per il Mondiale: è squadra vera, ora le Final Four. Donnarumma, parate folli!

Italy can smile even if they are depressed for the World Cup: it is a real team, now the fourth final. Donnarumma, crazy rallies! | first page

Is it possible to sweeten the gallbladder? Can you smile when someone is depressed? Can we respond, to those who taunt us for being knocked out of the World Cup, that we are still European champions and again in the Nations League finals in the Netherlands? Our answer is yes. Of course, this is not enough, it cannot be enough, after this wonderful (albeit painful) victory in Budapest, the dark months will begin, those with the other national teams of Qatar and we will play friendly matches with Albania. But now we must take the best The best are two successive successes, at two stadiums named after Peppino Meazza and Ferenc Puskas, one at home with England who relegated us to the Second Division of Nations and the other away with Hungary for Marco Rossi who needed a draw to finish first in the group. We played well, sometimes very well, throughout the first half, as long as the energy supported us. Raspadori and Dimarco are the best in those 45 minutes, and they were also the authors of the 1499th goals for Napolitan and 1500 for Inter.. Then in the second half and away from DiMarco’s goal, We saved Gigio Donnarumma And it must be said, even the unwilling judge. In the second half 45 we were able to suffer, we withstood the shock wave of an opponent and a stadium with almost 70 thousand fans, we made a lot of mistakes but we always remained a team. The finals will be in June, the World Cup will already be a memory, and then we will be less depressed.

Fashion or disease?Unless building from below, the disease of building from below (as some coaches call it) has also struck Hungary. So we scored, taking advantage of this disease (or fashion), a goal we still deserved throughout the first half, and we played better, with more ideas, more technique, more aggressiveness from the hosts. The action is worth saying: the very obscure goalkeeper Gulashi’s first pass towards Atilla Zalai on his left, just outside the area, the central return pass, towards Besan Nagy, was committed by Barilla who pressed him hard; but Survivornear his penalty area, did not care and returned the ball to him GulacsiHowever, he did it poorly, slowly and clearly the ball he rushed on Gnonto Who expects the goalkeeper, He preferred to bounce Raspaduri who moved it to the right and put it inside on the left. It was the 27th minute, and we already had a clear goal and more good chances. no thing.

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As with England Italy replayed the same type of match last Friday against the English. In Mancini’s 3-5-2 confirmation, only one change, though of the same, coincided with the evening’s only mistake: Gnonto instead of Scaracca. But as a game, as a desire, as an ability to “love this shirt” (the coach’s words) Italy was beautiful, a real team. Hungary, led by Marco Rossi, whose equalizer was enough to win first place in the group and reach the quarter-finals of the Nations League, fell behind. In the first 45 minutes you’ve never seen talent before SzoboszlaiHe didn’t even notice the physical strength of a centravanton Adam Salaihe celebrated and excited his last match with the national team.

Bonucci’s launch – Italy did well. With the first two launches, Bonucci opened the Hungarian defensethe first on the right for By Lorenzo The second left for Marco. Hungarians are almost in disbelief. We were initially on the second ball, rebounding the ball in the opponent’s trocar, and Jorginho held the match in his hand despite Nagy and Schäfer’s (who weren’t very outspoken) control. after 5′, Attila Szalay saved Gulassi and his goal from a fatal mistake by the goalkeeper He pushed the ball back onto the white line, while Bonucci was about to push it in. We kept attacking and Hungary held and in those few times that Bonucci and Acerbie managed to restart, they kept the Rossi attackers without problems. After the goal, another ball goal by Di Lorenzo, a dangerous act made by Dimarco irrepressible for Viola, and another for Gounonto who angered Mancini due to errors in his movements. Gnonto was out of the game.

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The Four Miracles of Jeju Hungary also had two good chances at the end of the first half, one due to a mistake by Donnarumma who quickly achieved one miracle after another. In the interval, Mancini removed Acerbi’s yellow card to let him in sticksRossi’s mysterious survivor status for stylesA step that has yielded good results. In the first 10 minutes of the second half, the match exploded and everything happened, and if we could get the three points back and qualify, it would have been thanks to Gigio Donnarumma. Triple feat (with the last crazy tackle) after 5 minutes of competition: first rejected with open hands on Nego (shot in the open area), first by Szoboszlai on Di Lorenzo’s leg, left from the edge of Styles and flying off Jegio at the far post and finally his face In the corner about a meter and a half away from Adam Szalay road. It all happened between 49’04” and 49’12”. Wasn’t to believe.

13 passes, 39 seconds, goal – Another 100 seconds and we scored 2-0 with DiMarco, great job. This is also worth saying. Almost everything before: Barilla, Bonucci, Toloi, Raspadori in the Hungarian half, Back to Bastoni, Cristante’s stunning shot from center to right Di Lorenzo, Header for Barilla, Dribbling flying, Jorginho, Raspadori, Jorginho, Parilla, Amazing touch inside Cristitan, Cross from the back, breaking into the goal by DiMarco. To peel your hands: 50’32” to 51’11, 13 consecutive passes in 39 seconds. Things to Maximize. But the score 2-0 is not over yet. A new heart over and over again Donnarumma avoided on his head styles knee. It was two meters away. Crazy parade. We were crushed. So Donnarumma had to put up his fifth achievement: Bonucci deflected the Styles shotAlready looking inside, Jijiu didn’t let it in. And it ended when French referee Bastien did not ask for a solar penalty kick after Bastoni pushed Adam to Adam in front of Donnarumma. Junonto, Jorginho and Raspadori left, Gabbiadini, Pobiga and Skamaca came in, Hungary slowed a bit and there was time for Mancini’s 51st rookie, Pasquale Mazucci, 27, the first Salernitana player to wear the blue.

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Hungary-Italy 0-2 (first half 0-1)

Scorers: 27′ Raspadori (I) and 52′ Dimarco (I).

Hungary (3-4-2-1): Gullasi. Orban, Attila; Szalai, Lang; Viola, Schafer, Nagy (from 46 st Styles), Kerkez (from 57 st Gazdag); Szoboszlai (from 84 Kleinheisler Street), Nego (from 74 Bolla Street); Adam Salai (from 74 Adam Street). CT: Marco Rossi. Available: Dibusz, Szappanos, Mocsi, Varga, Bolla, Kleinheisler, Gazdag, Styles, Adam, Barath, Botka, Vecsei.

Italy (3-5-2): Donnarumma; Toloi, Bonucci, Acerbi (from 46 Bastoni Street); Di Lorenzo (from 89 Via Matzuki), Barilla, Jorginho (from 73 Via Pobiga), Cristante, Dimarco; Raspadori (from 73 Scamka Street), Gonto (from 62 Gabbiadeni Street).

Reservations: Acerbi, Adam Szalai, Fiola.