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Salvini: Here are the League’s 6 pledges to sign them Pandit Live – Politics

“To deny all rumours, jealousies, jealousies and words in the air, the pledge to take this country in hand will be written. Thus Matteo Salvini launched the six points to which the League dedicated itself to the vision of a future government called the Right. Pontida had the ministers and governors on the platform sign the 6 points. Then he Mentioned the pledges: stop expensive bills, autonomy reform, flat tax and financial peace, quota 41 for pensions, restoration of security orders, a fair justice. According to the organizers of the League, the ongoing Northern League rally on the lawn of the municipality of Bergamo has 100,000 participants.

Live from Pontida

“You are spectacular, this is the smile of the Kazhagam people. Sorry for the delay, but there are still miles of buses and cars lined up. But now we have to start. Since we have been missing for three years. , in this meadow there are desires for freedom, struggle, work, future. Kazhagam The President of the League Matteo Salvini said this while greeting the fighters of the League from the platform in Pontida and starting the rally.
He paid traditional tribute to the tree of life planted at the side of the stage and remembered the volunteers and fighters of the Northern League who are no longer there. And he said: “I think it is right to remember the many people who were not there and followed our battles from above”.

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