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'We'll go look for managers in their homes': The Robin Hoods in Lebanon continue to attack banks to 'steal' their private money

‘We’ll go look for managers in their homes’: The Robin Hoods in Lebanon continue to attack banks to ‘steal’ their private money

If the banks close we will go seeks to The Management in their country houses. in Lebanon or abroad.” Speaking is the president The crying depositorsone of the associations of account holders that defendsRevolution of the citizens Lebanese vs Banks. Yes me doubled in the last hours assaults For the country’s credit institutions, so much so that the authorities decided that to close all branches Until Wednesday, September 21.

Everything comes from Robin repressed: So it was dubbed by the international press BassamSheikh HusseinThe man who entered in August a bank in Hamra, in the heart of Beiruttaking the hostage Several people are calling for their release Unlock from his money. The money he needs to pay for his sick father’s treatment. for him I countHe, like many of his fellow citizens, was so frozen In the 2019. Indeed, Lebanese banks, in agreement with the Central Bank, have blocked access to all current accounts, investment deposits and savings in heavy currencies (dollars and euros) for savers. This to deal with Economic crisis And the to inflate who have led since 2020 pound Lebanese for one devaluation 95%.

distance attacks who impatiently imprisoned the country, Robin Hood pulled out $30,000. to People This is for80% spirits under there threshold From povertyBassam Sheikh Hussein became a a hero it’s a Mold. So much so that last week, seven branches were attacked by people who wanted to withdraw their savings. between them, salts keepA, the woman who went to his bank to get the money he needed medicine there sisterAnd the illness From cancer. Hundreds of people celebrated her success when she and her family managed to escape from the branch 13 thousand dollars.

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Interior Minister Bassam Molloyafter calling a Meeting subordinate Homeland Security Council, announced strict and resolute action against those who attack banks. bad related to account holders They told the newspaper Lorient Le Jour who – which The attacks will continue. The Actions are coordinated And they won’t end anytime soon. The responsibility for taking the hostages and what might happen to them lies with the gods judges And all those who chose not to achieve justice in this country. The story goes further Banks and engage LeadershipThe mafia and here deep state“, He said branches blackberryAttorney united, Lebanese Depositors Union.