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Salary above 280 euros per month, this is for whom

Salary above 280 euros per month, this is for whom

salary increase Arrival at health care personnel. The Salaries of doctors and managers It will grow with the agreement to renew the contract that falls upon us. Negotiations will be long, but the increase is now certain and relates to the last three years, that run from 2019 to 2021.

contract renewal It has two goals: on the one hand, to reward a class that has always been at the fore during the Covid-19 pandemic; On the other hand, he looks to the future, hoping that a higher salary will motivate i Doctors to stay in Italy and avoid emigration abroad. The salary increase comes on the heels of those adopted in the last days of nurses.

With this renewal, we want to keep the largest number of doctors in Italy, especially young doctors, taking into account the shortcomings that exist in various sectors such as raysThe Women diseaseThe Pediatrics Even a shortage of anesthesiologists. After negotiation in Mef, the contract will move to the Audit Bureau. But When increases arrive And the How much will the total salary increase?? Let’s get into the details.

Salary increases for those who increase their salaries

to me salary increases Set forth in the contract renewal, the cost of state coffers should be about 584 million euros. To participate, take advantage of salary increases, about 135,000 workers, including doctors and health directors.

Healthcare, how much is the salary of doctors and managers increasing

The increase should be about Total 210 Euros per month modified. Moreover, based on the provisions of the recent Budget Law, there will be a Redesign the roof for an additional salaryAt an expected cost of 34 million. Adding other measures that had been expected for years, a total cost of 127 million was arrived at. Thus, the increase in the number of workers in the health sector consists of one Total amount €283 per person per month.

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When salary increases arrive

Given that the contract is for the three-year period that has just passed, there will also be extras arrearsAt a cost of more than one billion euros. However, the negotiations are not over yet, and on the contrary, we are waiting for a long and not at all simple. As Andrea Felipe, National Secretary for FP Cgil Physicians and Health Directors, explains, at the moment “Agree on the title deed to start negotiations‘, but the next steps – starting with the seal of the Ministry of Economy – will take weeks, if not months.