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Where Meloni Fly, "Drawing" Characters - Libero Quotidiano

Where Meloni Fly, “Drawing” Characters – Libero Quotidiano

It’s not a Monday without Surveys Made by Swg for TgLa7. this time Enrico Mentana He started from surveying confidence in political leaders, speaking of “the effect of jumping on the winner’s bandwagon.” The politicians who receive the most support are actually Georgia watermelonwho won the election, and Joseph With youwhich revived the 5-star movement.

Confidence in the future prime minister rose to 43%, at +9 compared to last September: in practice, it is at better levels than Mario Draghi from this point of view. Conte also did well, rising to 33% (+6): behind him are a base pair Silvio Berlusconi (22%), Matthew Salvini (21%) e Charles Kalinda (19%), while Enrico Letta collapses to 15% (-5), as the main loser in the election round, as well as the outgoing Secretary of the Democratic Party. In terms of voting intentions, Fratelli d’Italia has taken another leap forward: it is registered at 27.5%, +0.7 compared to last week.

The Democratic Party, now overtaken by the Five Star Movement, is getting worse: The Democrats have collapsed to 17.5% (-0.6). So Grillini’s smile rose to 17% (+0.5), which indicates the fact that the Democratic Party’s votes are “eating.” On the same numbers are Liga (8.3%), Action / Italia FIFA (8%) and Forza Italia (7.4%).

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