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Rules and questions for bars, restaurants and gyms

Rules and questions for bars, restaurants and gyms

The Super Green Pass comes into effect today, December 6, with new rules for regions and municipalities in the Yellow, Orange or Red zones as well as the White Zone until January 15, 2022. Bars and restaurants, cinemas and theaters, public transport and gyms: There are many innovations, including reinforced and simple green bass. The government has issued one To clarify what can be done and what is not allowed, schedule with Fox.

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First explanation: What is Super Green Boss? This is the green certificate issued to those who have been vaccinated or those who have recovered from Govt. Simple Negative Swap – valid for 72 hours per molecule, 48 hours per antigenic – entitles you to the basic green pass. Those who already have a valid Green Pass for vaccination or recovery do not need to download the new certificate because the Verification C19 application will recognize its validity.

Bars and restaurants

In white and yellow areas, drinks are allowed on the counter and table (outside) in bars and restaurants without the green pass in white and yellow areas. In the Orange Zone, the same functions are only allowed for Super Green Pass holders. Indoors, the drink at the table is only allowed for those with super green bass, regardless of the color of the area.

Gyms and swimming pools

Gyms and outdoor swimming pools in white or yellow zones are allowed to enter, even without the green pass. In the Orange Zone, Super Green Pass is required. Different talk for interior structures. The basic green pass in the white and yellow zone is sufficient, and the reinforcement certificate in the orange zone is required. In the white and yellow area, you will have the negative pad to access the changing rooms.

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Hotels and motels

The Super Green Pass duty is not about the hotel entrance or dining in the white and yellow hotel. For hotel guests it is sufficient to have a basic green pass, which can be obtained simply by means of a molecule or antigenic bat. In the Orange Zone you need Super Green Pass. Similarly, Federalberg points out that hoteliers can easily access the restaurant, bar, wellness center and hotel swimming pool by showing the basic green pass.

From next December 6, 2021, access to catering services in hotels or other accommodation facilities will be allowed to holders of “reinforced” non-green certification, exclusively reserved for customers staying there.

Weddings and religious ceremonies

Baptisms, weddings, communions and other events following civil and religious ceremonies are excluded from activities that require a Super Green Pass. For these, the basic green pass in the white and yellow area will continue to be sufficient after December 6th. In the orange zone, the only green light is with enhanced certification. In fact, the Ministry of the Interior’s circular states: “As a result of this provision – Order dated November 26, ed., Will allow access to the aforementioned” enhanced “green certified subjects: spectators to events, sporting events, indoor restaurants, banquets (excluding civil and religious ceremonies). , Public festivals, dance halls, discos and similar venues.

Public transport, bus and metro rules

From December 6, basic green certification is required for buses and metro and local and long-distance vehicles (aircraft, ships, intercity and high-speed trains, couriers, cable cars, gondola lifts, etc. Sky facilities). A simple green certificate is sufficient for the entire railway network and for public transport.

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Company canteens

Canteens and catering services are exempt from the duty of reinforced green-pass.

Museums, Movie Theaters and Movie Theaters

The new rules are about cultural spaces and provide that super green passes are not required in museums, archives and libraries in the white and yellow zones. So, with the obligation to fully comply with the rules and wear the mask, you will continue to approach the green pass. Unlike theaters, theaters and concert halls, they are 100% open with access only through Super Green Pass.

The path of the area

Basically, if a municipality or area moves from the white or yellow zone to the orange zone, only those with a reinforced green cross can access the functions. Those who have joined the vaccination campaign (even without a third dose) or those who have recovered from the cove can access all of those rooms and services, even if their place of residence turns yellow or orange. Restrictions on movements and closures for everyone in the Red Zone (not just No Vox). The incidence of ski lifts on ski slopes is particularly high: simple green bass in the white and yellow areas and super green bass in the orange areas.

Is valid ‘

Those who already have a valid Green Pass for vaccination or recovery do not need to download the new certificate because the Verification C19 application will recognize its validity. The validity period of the Green Pass from 15 December 2021 has been reduced from the current 12 to 9 months.