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Hiring Ryder as employees: EU turning point for 1.5 million digital platform workers

Hiring Ryder as employees: EU turning point for 1.5 million digital platform workers

I racer They are employees of digital platforms. Therefore, they must be contracted with appropriate contracts. The European Commission will launch the action package on Wednesday. The directive risks forever changing the fate of the workers of the self-employment economy in Italy and the old continent. We’re talking about 1.5 million people who work today at companies like Glovo, JustEat, Deliveroo and UberEats. JustEat already applies logistics contract to its passengers. Others are currently using the contract signed by Assodelivery with Ugl (a . Denied). Bologna). which links the guaranteed minimum wage to delivery. But with delegate work package Nicholas Schmidt Everything can change.

Steering the passenger’s work

Explain today Republic That directive would then be voted on by the European Parliament and the Council. And so it will become a real law that countries have to comply with. The newspaper states that the passenger will be considered dependent on the basis of some characteristics. For example, if he does not manage business risks or if he does not decide the prices of products. Everything will then be simplified by reversing the burden of proof. The employer must confirm that he is self-employed. Employment will include a series of protections such as Social Security. Whereas the directive does not provide for a commitment to a permanent contract. Time limits will be left to national rules to decide. In Italy, the fixed term cannot exceed three years.

There will also be an aspect dedicated to using algorithms to evaluate or program a service. Which is working today to judge the worker. And the platforms you use will have to advertise it. Through an official communication makes the passenger aware of how to rate it. It is these algorithms that prove that the riders are not an independent activity. The work of the riders has already been recognized in courts in countries such as France, Germany and Spain. In Italy, the Palermo Court, while the Supreme Court held that with the Jobs Act, the typical forms of dependency protection should be applied. A few days ago the court of Florence denounce Deliveroo for anti-union behaviour.

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A million and a half without protection

In October Milan Court Instead condemned For illegal recruitment against Uber. Instead Deliveroo was fined for a passenger data breach. In three years, the number of riders doubled: in 2018 it was 695 thousand, and today it is one and a half million. Most workers in the self-employment economy are men, ages 30 to 49, with a qualification usually a high school or professional college degree. On average, they work about four hours a day and most work uses it as a second job.

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